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  • _little_wolf_ 1h

    The more the mouths,
    the more will be the words.
    You don't have to pay attention
    to every one


  • _little_wolf_ 1h

    Your eyes are like
    a very old wine.
    They create a very
    intense inebriation


  • blueflamez_da_poet 1h

    The Wire

    WAAAAIIIITTT a minute!!, before you jump in to comment sayin' that I'm referencin' the popular and beloved TV show, or the Chaka Khan classic that you can't help, but appreciate that prowess and range, or Mr. West's hip-hop sample of the song itself. (Yes, i just mentioned him twice, don't get crazy wit'it, and yea i know, 'THROUGH' the Wire), the wavelengths that keeps me up, the jolt that gives me those highlights, I'm plugged in with my avatar, jacked in to enter the stream live.

    I'm connected to the hands of God, I'm attached to the Cross in this land of frauds, I'm not talkin' everybody, but I'm here for a 'cause, maybe two or even three, although there will be a cost. To reboot, to reload, to recalibrate from the lost, that I'm tied to the history as I'm goin' through my thoughts, to review, to elaborate, to deliberate the choices, to activate the protocols to make the grown decisions. I could only watch the news and i can binge watch those series, i can watch the movies prior to the impact that it has on me, drama in the family, blood is drawn from the led, or the pellets and the powder while the drinks'll make you pass out on the bed. 'Medicine' to cure any emotional investments, all the love and friendships are halted by these interferences,  just to say it's inspiration, what a messed up way to benefit.

    Lookin' back on the Verses and Flow show, Jill Scott, an artist i LOVE to listen to has actually READ a li'l bit of her work. Lin-Manuel Miranda the man who've incorporated hip-hop into Broadway, AND he dropped a mixtape, AND wrote music even for The Rock to sing away.

    Wow, that was so much to take in, different styles, different techniques, same problems,  same tragedies, the polarizin' dilemma speaks.


  • blueflamez_da_poet 1h


    '05, '06, '07, those were the years when the 90's era was finished, music took a li'l break, and try to create somethin' new, keep in mind y'all this was when Soulja Boy made it possible towards people checkin' for artists, not the vice versa effect this time. Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Nelly, Ludacris, Fabolous, DJ Khaled, Common, T.I., 50 Cent, Mims, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Chingy, J-Kwon, Twista, Lil Jon, Destiny's Child, Brandy, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, JLo, Shakira, Ashanti, Remy Ma, Li'l Kim, Missy Elliot, Ciara, Tiffany Evans, Lil Mama, OMG!, too many names to name. I can't lie that those years was the hype when i got exposed to it, the catchy hooks, pickin' out the favorite lyrics, the tracks are simple, a lot bein' samples, i have to give credit where credit is due, no matter what phone we bought, when it rings, we've put'em on hold just to bump, truth.


  • sanjana_dharmani 4h

    ��To one ugly face to another ��
    #beauty #loveyourflaws #writersunite #writersnetwork #mirakee ��

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    Look within those small monsters we all named as our flaws,
    Those little monsters aren't actually flaws until you allow them to be called your imperfections,
    Let me be your mirror this time to remind you of your beauty not another person not another cause,
    Let your soul to this beauty be a reflection,
    It'll take a wise soul  to understand that beautiful is just a word and a wise soul to love you,
    To understand that beauty isn't a compulsion
    To our souls this beauty is just a tatoo,
    You love the colour black then why beautiful isn't that dark complexion?
    Giant or dwarf? Skinny or fat?fairer or darker?
    Beauty exist in all states,
    It takes darkness for the moon to glow and
    Its takes our flaws for our strengths to shimmer,
    But let these little monsters turn into our strengths instead of people's baits.

  • blueflamez_da_poet 14h


    The first letter of the word that describes an individual within a community that's not afraid to be who they are, to be themselves, to have a voice against anyone who opposes that, yes they've been around and yes it exists, as they thrive on that. The 5th letter added to the 4 in the acronym, my initial reaction was, 'this was a mystery', i know what it means, but I've thought about the baggage, the history in a negative light, and still, i get that there are those who's not gonna give it the power to run their life.

    The one letter towards a code name in a film franchise based off of a series of books, the British spy espionage that the world has come to know since '62, you might see a sidekick,  but he's more than just a side piece in a much bigger game. He brings out the gadgets, he's loadin' up on the arsenal, he provides every bit of intell, to keep the main man, 007 in check, while he got the skills to take a bad guy down at every turn, even when takin' a beatin' himself and charms his way with women, he's always gonna need him, in the chair or in the field.

    The letter that begins the name of the borough i was born into, i grew up with it, and i took it in as my own, to apply myself to work outside the house, to be thankful of how much it took care of me, I'm a child in 1/5 sections of a huge city. It might look small on a map, but that's just a map, and yes there are big, if not, bigger cities out there in the open to learn and admire from,  same thing here, from the land marks to the hotspots, and the art that holds it together.

    The letter that starts a word that'll always be my defense, my bodyguard, my fallback to reassure my status as an artist, producer, and writer, to take my time with everything, to put in the effort to bring out the best of my abilities.  That i would never lose my way, that i would not sacrifice this gift just to have a check in my hands, business is business as per usual, granted, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna give up what i have goin' for me, stories and visuals.

    The last letter to end it off through a stage name, he be killin' it on his own, he be killin' it on them features, and if i have to be honest,  he's an underrated rapper, arguably, anyone might try to come at me for this one, here i go.
    These are my reasons for it, yes Lamar is big,  and SZA has a hit album, (shout out to them), but alongside Soul, Rock, Rashad, SiR and Skiiiwalker, the content has the trendin' topics,  yet the context is actually better, the material fits his personality, plus the instrumentals compliments what he's talkin' 'bout.

    Back to the beginnin' of a word that describes my process, that i could be looked at one way and then i flip that on its head, like I'm that much of a nice guy that the overbearin' nature of it seeps through. That the one day when a relationship could be on the horizon goin' forward, right now, i get turned down 'cause I'm not the type they're lookin' for or I'm just ready to penetrate that indulgence between the drawbridge of satisfaction. How anyone could just lead me on, take advantage of it, and throw it in my face, that I'm someone to latch on and leech my way into popular placements, 'til the tables turn and they will learn, the recognition I've earned is the pay off i deserve. And yes i can critique myself, just like i can critique any of my favorite music artists, any of my favorite filmmakers, any of my favorite actors, any of my favorite composers, any of my favorite producers, anything and anyone are not immune to the lack of depth, in the long run,  it's about the improvements in the delivery.


  • blueflamez_da_poet 14h

    Amalgam Rhythm

    Drop the beat and orchestra to blend the found alliances, annihilate the concepts of the tonal shifts in retrospect, yes reflect, i do reflect, i utilize to hold me back, so i can find my footin' jumpin' into recent time elapse. Sippin' on that gin and juice you know the bars are full of them, you know the clubs are minglin', and house parties be drama filled, yet you want that refill, burnin' in your system, wake up with a hangover, but for now nightcaps been takin' over, whoa!

    Let me get that plate, grab that bowl for the gumbo, all the spices, all the meat, the grain and veggies combo, this is the concoction of the flow that just explodes, very quickly to exposin' every thought that made it possible. 1996, earth-9602, 12 issue series i was like, 'da hell did they do!?', I'm talkin' 'Dark Claw', 'Amazon', 'Super-Soldier', boys in blue, it's usually the vs., even then they came together too?, whoa!

    You can be across the oceans, you can be here in the states, you can be up on the north, you can be down in the south, you can be out on the east, you can be out on the west, you can be a meltin' pot inside the meltin' pot, integrate! Listen up to what I'm spittin', even when I'm readin' off this, i cannot stress this enough, I'm sure y'all have a sense of reason, doubtin' only makes me stronger, praise allows the smug to fester, i just have balance two, so i can be a better one. (I mean, I'm just havin' fun with this, even with all the realness, don't think I'm just a stickler for perfect, there's gonna be flaws, there's gonna be dirt, there's gonna be faults, there's gonna be hurt. But, here's the aftermath of it all, before you pass that judgement, do the crimes to do the time if you wanna see the next daylight, throw some shade or offense at anybody, verbally or physically abuse, slurs or posts, keep this in the back of your mind.)


  • blueflamez_da_poet 14h

    I'm So Internationally Known

    No I'm not, if i was I'd be travelin' everywhere already, right?, I'm not even all over the city i live in, for real i could've done this 5 years ago now, i swear I'm wastin' away at this point.

    That's technically not true, just because i post what i post on the URLs or the apps that's meant to be worldwide and it's forever, I'm not really everywhere on that scale anyway.

    Hardly even noticed, i don't know how long it's gonna take 'til that happens, i only have a small, but slowly growin' collective group of people who can hear me out, not for the clout.

    Just gettin' by, I'm hangin' in there though, as long as I'm updatin' and keep them informed, I'll be ight, it'll be all good, to persist is to always be determined.

    Sparked some interest, (i know, 'sparked' became another overused word from me), all I'm sayin' is, I'm buildin' the anticipation and put out that quality that I'm workin' hard to craft.

    I wanna rock right now, ya boy BlueFlamez came here to get down, I'm not internationally known, but soon I'll be workin' with them microphones and let the knowledge roam.


  • blueflamez_da_poet 14h


    (Yea, i did say YouTube is a sellout or maybe not creatively motivated, money talks and bullshit stayed, 'til they 'did somethin' 'bout it', sometimes changes are not the best, especially for creators with the better content.)

    There's a first for everything, yea, you know the sayin', there's your birth, your first cry, your first baby steps, your first words, your first bathroom breakthrough, your first day of school, your first crush, your first breath of independence, the timeline movin' forward. Now goin' live, real time, the current stages of growth, what's the 'first' thing to do when given the tech and the media as the primary source?, conversations becomes the agree to disagree, agree to disagree becomes the fanatic debates, the fanatic debates becomes CHAOS!

    First things...'first'.


  • blueflamez_da_poet 14h


    This here's the sand box, back to bein' kids, the whole, 'do you remember when?', you wonder 'where have you been?', we've all had our afternoons with the toys and imagination,  provided with the company of other introductions, look. Seein' that we play out scenes that's in our heads, that sometimes the way we interact is what we want to happen,  next time it'd be the fantasy of magic, superheroes, mech suits, anime, a thousand ways to entertain. Those endless possibilities I'm talkin' 'bout, when we put our minds to it, the grand schemes, it's the scale, it's the spectacle, the heartwarmin' roles of each character we impersonate, explore, and investigate, by the traits.

    You gotta know how to play your part...your audition begins when you press start...find your place before it tears you apart, 'cause all the fightin' doesn't solve nothin', unless you fight together for somethin' more.

    We wanna be doctors, we wanna be astronauts, we wanna be athletes, we wanna be scientists, we wanna be pilots, we wanna be everything, all the childhood dreams, we just switchin' it up again. Instead we became singers, instead we became rappers, instead we became models, instead we became actors, instead we became activists, instead we became writers, if there's anything life has taught us, we choose our next chapters.

    Look at our new playground, check out the environment, new faces to see, new toys we can dabble in, on our way to fame, on our way to glory, recognize our names, people will know 'bout you and me. Even with the messes made, even with the plummets, even with the outrage, even through the process, industry is shady, politics are fade to black, mixtapes are the fillers, albums are the main event.  YouTube is a sellout, BitCoin's broken currency, nukes are bein' tested by impatience for a World War III, professional misconduct or false accusations, disrespect to LBGT, can these problems get a fixin' please!?

    (We gotta live our lives though, don't be stressin' too much even when it's pilin' on us, we just have to keep in touch...)


  • blueflamez_da_poet 14h

    This was a stage name i wanted to go by at first, i couldn't make up my mind, 'cause i kept switchin' up lmao, this is a taste of what that could've been.

    @writersnetwork @reposter @writersofmirakee @mirakeeapp @readwriteunite @themiraakean @repost24 @mirakee_reposts @wordporn @dreaming_souls #writersunite #MirakeeRoar

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    I go by the name, E-Money, and you know where to find me, posted up back at the crib woke up in my bugatti, it's me, myself, and i until i link up with the homies, put some shades on, the sun is beamin' right on me. Hop inside the ride, and takin' in that Miami heat, feel the breeze rushin' I'm cruisin' by like it's nothin', i ain't worry 'bout nothin', i ain't worry 'bout nothin', soon as i buss this corner I'm 'bout to pull up and lock it. I got bands all in my pockets, the drink's on me cannot stop it, i be cold as ice, peep all of my shine through these watches, you can see the chains swingin', gangsta grillz when i be cheesin', let Versace do the talkin' as I'm killin'em with kindness. Let the DJ play this joint he know by now that I'm a regular, mans got the hook up as i lounge within my section bruh, I'll be out at 3, i ain't tryna leave no later, 'cause i know how this run deep, lose control and sip on vapors cuz.

    Nothin' is stoppin' me.

    Aw damn, aw damn, i feel the buzz, i just popped one then i sweat it off and chillin' in the cut, plus i took a couple shots to take the edge off me, imma hit the dance floor while all these girls are on me. Maybe then the after party and i got my crew with me, as they gettin' their swerve on, I'm gettin' me some Becky, so I'm blem for real, what is my deal?, i just wanted a quickie, yet I'm faded off of these pills. I swear i kept it together, or none of the above, 'cause i knocked it out like fight night, but i thought i was in love, i blacked out, then i heard my phone ringin', I'm 'bout to be late to hit the studio i gotta make this paper. Now I'm at my peak, so I'm takin' out who's in my way, i ain't got the time to be panickin' 'bout the hate, said, i ain't got the time to be panickin' 'bout the hate, at this rate, got a lot on my plate, so what they tryna say?

    (What do you think if i sounded like this?, would you say that i lost it?, that I've contradicted myself in these tribulations?, I'm sure you'd ask and I'd know you believe that i fell off, tryna match myself to the mainstream.)


  • thoughtsofadreamer 20h

    "Suddenly I See"

    You beautiful monster,
    Sit beside me,
    And show me the difference,
    Between my ideal longings,
    And what they really are.
    Bring truth to my eyes,
    Make me really think about it,
    Make me resolute,
    In wanting the real thing,
    That forever kind of thing,
    That thing that is frustrating,
    But simultaneously alluring,
    And help me to veer,
    From the False Hope Salesmen,
    That'll play to the passion,
    Of a young woman's dreams,
    But take no action,
    To the reality of her true desires.

    ~Thoughts of a Dreamer~
    ©Mary Spotted Eagle Woman Roberts

  • thoughtsofadreamer 21h

    "My Monday"

    There is so much to do,
    There are so many,
    Nooks and crannies,
    To roll on through,
    So many crevices of,
    "Why me," & "Why now,"
    "Could I have prevented this,
    And how,"
    Yes there are so many things,
    To go through,
    Inside this heart and mind,
    But I'll settle for work,
    And keep myself busy,
    Just steps from a frenzy,
    Of arrant thoughts,
    Built on loss,
    That will help me not.

    ~Thoughts of a Dreamer~
    ©Mary Spotted Eagle Woman Roberts

  • rafiology91 1d

    Shahar se door rah kar,
    Raat din Ghar yaad ata he...
    Guzara tha jahan bachpan,
    Wo chhapar yaad ata he...
    Sayaani ho gai me,
    Magar fir bhi khilono ka khajana or gudiya ka ghar yaad ata he...


  • _little_wolf_ 1d

    The sunrise and the sunset
    proves that the beginnings
    and endings are beautiful.
    It's just the in-between
    part which sometimes
    gets awful.


  • _little_wolf_ 1d

    Your smile is my type of
    Oh, that smile !!


  • clamouring_soul 1d

    "Here on this earth,
    If we meet again, I'll recognize you first.
    If we meet again, I'll love you first."

    The boy said to the star-crossed love of his life,before their eyes met one last time.


  • word2line 1d


    My thoughts have aged in my heart
    Like wine does in an oak barrel.

    It's now called wisdom.


  • _little_wolf_ 2d

    When difficulties knock at
    your door and ask you
    " Are you ready ? "
    Don't get scared. Just smile
    and say " Oh, I was born ready! "


  • das_dibyajyoti 3d

    As she licked the chocolate off her fingers, he looked at her and smiled. Her innocence and childishness was what he loved the most. He just bend towards her and kissed her lips. Both blushed.