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  • jaguarr 20h


    wo sawaal krta gya mujhe is qadar paresaan,
    ki kyu bne aise hum insaan?
    kyu hme doosron ki fikr nhi?
    kyu hmme knhi insaniyat ka jikr nhi?
    kya wo v rota hoga apne is masterpiece pr
    ya use avi v ghamnd hoga ,
    apni is cheez pr;
    lekr ye saare sawal aaj fr ye din beet gya,
    or fr se wo buri soch ka insaan jeet gya |
    aaj fr duniya k kisi kone se
    dekh kr ro rhi h wo gudiya,
    ki kya sawal puchte hi rh jayegi ye dunia?

  • seeeker 1d

    Old Age

    Those wrinkles, cracked soles
    Faded sight and tangled greys
    Always remind me what the life brings
    And what I've got today to cherish!


  • kimnam_moon 2d


    Everlasting life and youthfulness to many is a dream

    Léon searched for years without finding the slightest gleam

    As time went on so did the legend of a fountain of youth

    Countries fighting one another to uncover the fountain's truth

    Many chased this legend until their death

    Because they didn't want to face their fatal last breath

    But for me I don't search for a child's myth

    When the time comes I will welcome deaths scythe.


  • panchdoot_news 5d

    इस माह का अंक प्रकाशित हो चुका है और आप चाहें तो इस को हमारी वेबसाइट से डाउनलोड करें या अपने नजदीकी स्टाॅल से खरीद सकते हैं।

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  • blacksweet 5d


    The past was full of cruelty
    Confused all your mind
    Forged your personality
    Stole part of your humanity

    Some years goes away
    Escape from your youth
    She was waiting for someday
    Someone to says 'that wasn't truth'

    Around from people
    Always stayed alone
    Trying to hide your feeble
    No one needs to know

    She cries dry tears
    Her heart is like tiny pieces
    In the soul hers brings scars
    So much memories the silence releases

  • raresoul 1w

    To my generation,

    You, like me and many others are going through the same shit. So please do not reply to this by saying that no one understands and that there is nothing else to do.

    I'll hit you all with the hard truth. Your life has basically been transfixed by the data pack in your phone. There is nothing out of that. And i thank my parents for not allowing me to do the same. You guys still have hobbies? Yeah "tagging each other in memes" does not count. You guys remember the feel to going to school after the weekend buzzing with news to tell our friends? Now whatsapp groups make plans which never happen.

    We have come to a point in our lives where we make fun of a substance abused minor, find the pronounciation of "government" so damn funny, obsess about few jobless youth icons singing about taking selfies and fucking an aunt. Really guys ? We are almost adults don't you think? But are these actually "meme materials" ? Are they actually funny?

    And coming to your posts on Facebook when a rape case strikes the city. I have heard most of you refer to a girl as "maal". I have heard most of you talk about the breasts of a girl in your friend circle. I have seen you publicising nudes of a girl whom you know. And then you say girls are safe when you're around.

    And to all the girls who post pictures exposing your body, i know its your body but sexiness is not defined by bigger breasts or bustier bottoms. I hope you'll grow to understand this.

    I am a girl of your age and i am no one to tell you what is wrong and what is not. But then, someone had to right?

    #youth #purpose @writersnetwork

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    A letter to the youth

  • rishabhpal22 1w

    The Pocketwatch

    I glanced at a ticking pocketwatch, and it glanced at me,
    Whispered into my frail body a hymn, hush'd tenderly;
    "Listen now, through your whiskers white,
    Let yourself your anguish ignite,
    Glistens sand with blood and rain,
    Shrivels the leaf, sans poor blame,
    For every bloom, ten leaves do die,
    Yet you hear not their flowers cry."
    Staring through its glass façade, I betrothed pain, I agreed.

    The pocketwatch lies still, beneath the surface of the sea,
    Coveted by avaracious ghouls, ticks ever saintly,
    "Here I lie upon all the men that were.
    My woeful hand now ticks to those interred,
    They whose breath beneath their rubble lies,
    Above whose grave, flowers bloom to die.
    Yet chased am I till I myself prey,
    On avaracious souls at play."
    Had seekers of his youthful charm known, what would life be?

    The same pocketwatch, may rest beneath, that same sea today,
    But the same rapacious ghouls of yore, do now preach, they say;
    "The eye of the pocketwatch
    Still stares like an inky splotch
    Mocks the poet and mocks his pen,
    Coerces his will within,
    Yet to his odd sorrow, he is freed
    Unlike my prison of lustful greed!";
    As they drift away into, tugged by the heart of dismay.


  • _tashi_ 1w

    I am 20.

    I am 20,
    Still figuring out my life.

    As I lay on my tea stained bedsheet,
    It smells of WAIWAI masala which I had hours ago.
    The pillow is uncomfortable,
    Morning I always wake up with my neck pain.
    These eyes open while the sun is still on the edge,
    My phone is showing 6:12
    But this body won't rise till it's 8:35
    Skipping breakfast has become my routine.

    I am 20,
    And I am still figuring out my life.

    Dark marks smear my eyes,
    My hair all frizzled,
    It's true that I rarely comb and those first benchers even agree with it.
    No, I don't put makeup,
    The face is bare as it can be.
    Addicted to tea, as I can't afford coffee.
    Books bought from the thrift shop are still waiting to be reread.

    I am 20,
    Still figuring out my life.

    My stomach can't digest normal food,
    Maggi is all I eat nowdays,
    It's my lunch, dinner and midnight snack.
    No, I don't smoke.
    Tried once, coughed till my throat hurt and my lungs burnt.

    I am 20,
    I am still figuring out my life.

    No, I ain't on fire like they said I would be.
    I am neither enjoying my youth.
    I just feel like a retired old lady enjoying her life.

    Do note that I just retired from a rebellious teenage stage.

    I was not a rebellious teenager, well that's another story.
    When I was 16....


  • introspektiv19 1w


    may be
    my lips shall be the last
    to kiss you back
    when your wine of youth dries up
    Rendering you
    hopeless and broken
    With gaunt cheeks
    shriveled lips


  • gulan_p 1w

    The Biggest Problem of the Youth
    I can do what I don't want to do
    But I can't do that thing which I really want to do

  • ineedmyspace 1w

    Cheers to my generation

    Cheers to my generation.
    To the ones who don't remember much from Friday night.
    To the ones that who give their all.
    Every single time.
    No days off.
    No breaks.
    Early mornings and late nights.
    Cheers to my generation.
    To the ones that spend hours perfecting their craft.
    All for the love of it.
    Don't hesitate.
    Never second guess.
    Because today,
    You're the oldest you've ever been.
    And the youngest you'll ever be.


  • earthdweller 1w

    Down down you go.

    In this century the people are bringing those kinda children that don't have the courage to even talk someone looking in their eyes.

  • panchdoot_news 1w

    भारत के लेखिकाओं और लेखकों
    Instagram पर पंचदूत न्यूज को follow करना और करवाना ना भूलें ।

    आपकी और उनकी लेखनी को मैगज़ीन एवं वेबसाईट के जरिए नयी पहचान दिलाने का काम करेंगे।

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  • _ziya_ 2w

    Am I

    Am I killing time or time is killing me ?
    Am I wasting my time on youth or time is wasting my youth?
    Am I tricking time or time is tricking me?
    Am I even talking sense or sense needs to be talked to me ?


  • semajio 2w

    My world is big and bold and bright
    And It's colors are so alive
    I love everything in my sight
    I can almost count to five

    I want you all to come and play
    We can wrestle and then play fight
    I watch the puppies every day
    My eyes always open wide

    I drop cereal on my feet
    Please bring me juice when it's lunchtime
    Give me chocolate milk and ice cream
    I'll eat hundreds of french fries

    When momma says it's time for bed
    I'll take my bath and then I'll cry
    Cause I don't want to rest my head
    She reads my book, I sleep tight

    My momma is the bestest thing
    I love her voice and her bright smile
    Her laughter is music to me
    Her love stretches out for miles

    I'll make a game out of your name
    I'll always brighten up your life
    Every day can be the best day
    In my world big, bold and bright


  • ankitrajshrivastava_baseerat 2w


    सुरज दिखे तो यह मत समझना,
    कि अब सवेरा होकर रहेगा,
    प्रकाश अगर दृष्टि में हो तो,
    रात और दिन में न अंतर होगा ।

    हम दृढ युवा हैं, कर्मशील और ऊर्जावान,
    अब भ्रष्टाचार को हटना होगा,
    पर, कदम बढाकर चलना होगा
    कदम मिलाकर चलना होगा।


  • dentist 2w

    Me. My rules

    As if there was no need

    As if no one and nothing helped..

    As if it was independent..

    Suddenly we start screaming It's my life ..my rules.

    Conveniently forgetting the childhood and ignoring the old age..

    The youth in us speaks...screams...and boasts..

    For time shall slap...with reality..

  • some_call_me_mayhem 3w

    Be free, my butterfly...

    Innocent youth, not shackled by loss.
    Flutter your wings and dance on the light.
    Tick, tock beats the metronome of life.
    Silent but present, do run this very instant.
    It is fleeting but slower to land if constant your motion like wind over sand.
    Be colorful, free, careless and true; love with abandon, so willing to lose.
    Peek over the edge, stretch wide your wings,
    Take flight my baby, soar fast; tuned to your heart strings without past.


  • ankitrajshrivastava_baseerat 3w


    खुन अगर है गरम
    तो तोड दे सारे जाल को,
    तु युवा है, कोई खेल नही है
    "Life Sucks" उछाल इस मजाल को।

    शक्ति ही जीवन है, यह बात तो स्पष्ट है,
    फिर तो संघर्ष भी पक्का है महीषासुरों से।
    लडना है, लडते ही रहना है, पर स्वतंत्र भी रहना है,
    स्वतंत्रता ऐसी जिसमें खुद को मापेगा तु खुद के पैमाने से।

    तुम्हारी परीभाषाएं मुझे नही चाहिए,
    जिनमे तुम्हारे जिन्दगी का संदर्भ हो, तुम्हारा विवेक हो, तुम्हारी दृष्टी से,
    मैं जानता हुं तुम्हें , पर हमेशा मान नहीं सकता,
    मैं पुन: परीभाषित करूँगा जीवन को स्वयं कि प्रकृति से।

    मैं तो मैं हुँ, वर्तमान जन्म मे सबसे अलग,
    मेरे युवापन से तुम डरना मत।
    प्रकृति कि सामने नन्हें पुर्वजों के इतिहास को,
    मैं एक नया आयाम दुँगा पर तुम गीरवी मत रहो।

    मै लडुँगा, जितने के लिए नहीं, नए आयाम के लिए,
    पर थकुँगा तो तुम सहला देना मेरे बालों को,
    मैं रोऊंगा तो रो देना थोडा सा तुम भी,
    अर्थात तुम्हारा रहना अत्यन्त आवश्यक है।

    नए आयाम पर नए लोग तो मिलेंगे पर,
    रस तो उसमें है जो परिवर्तन को प्रत्यक्ष कर सके।


  • nerps64 3w

    Lost Boy

    I don't want to grow old.
    I don't want my bones to dry,
    my brain to drain,
    wake up to daily pain with nothing to gain.

    I don't want to play shuffleboard.
    I'd just get bored.
    I don't want walking up the stairs to earn me an award.

    I don't want to say "Good morning my dear",
    Only to remember I'm the only one here.

    To go to bed, rest my head and pray that I don't wake up dead.


    Take me to Neverland so I can fly with Peter Pan.

    Let me search for treasure and flirt with the mermaids and fight Captain Hook for the rest of my days.

    Let me stay young and foolish.
    Let me have something to look forward to.

    Let me be a Lost Boy.