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  • fluffychilli 15w

    Life has a horrible way of making you wait when you are eager and worthy. But a stop sign just sits infront of you while everyone else has a go sign. Please, please God. Take away my stop sign. I want to move.

    #writerstolli #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @bluepuppy01 #julietscorner

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    Dark Fortune

    A new moon,
    A charcoal night;
    Drowns all in its sight,
    And prayers loom,
    To thread way for the bright.

    But when the sun arrives,
    Only the lucky are showered in rays;
    The new and desperate left to fray,
    Behind the shadows of fortunate lives,
    Thus in the dark they stay.

  • fluffychilli 20w

    Australia currently is burning. My heart aches to see my state neighbours are in a loss. Celebrating the new year is just empty and filled with guilt watching the suffering on the news. This is to bring awareness and in hope those send their prayers and those who can to help the victims in this tragedy. Climate change is real people. Im just sad my current home is affected.

    #writerstolli #mirakee #pod #tod_wt #ceesreposts @bluepuppy01 #writersnetwork #julietscorner

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    Bushfire in Down Under

    Leaves singed away into the wind,
    Trees waltzing down to the ground,
    Some sway with the blaze,
    As all watch with a frown;

    House after house after house,
    Engulfed without mercy,
    Families running to rivers,
    Hands carrying only little memories;

    Defenders of yellow and red,
    Risking their lives to calm the inferno,
    But their efforts are not enough,
    As the flames swallow our heroes;

    Tears spill admist the blinding red smog,
    Begging this hell to stop its madness,
    Christmas and New Year celebrated,
    With loss, anger and hopes in ashes;

    Shelters filling in with rescued friends and furries,
    Many burnt and too far gone,
    Everyone trying all they can,
    As some fight for life while some are just done.

    Species lost,
    Homes lost,
    Lives lost,
    At what cost?

  • fluffychilli 24w

    Cheating :

    Robbing away opportunity from those who are worthy.

  • fluffychilli 24w

    My Story

    Who am I ?
    Let me tell you.

    I was born a girl,
    I was with many dreams,
    But I was yet to know the cold world,
    I was yet to know of its schemes;
    The years passed and I grew smarter,
    Hungry for knowledge and acknowledgement,
    I ignited a passion to always be a winner,
    I was proud at my every achievement;
    My days of the best grew short,
    I realise there are those better than me,
    My best wasn't the best as I thought,
    So comes the years where I sacrifice my sanity;
    Every next step I took required a breath of relief,
    I remember dropping tears fearing losing,
    When I failed I lay stuck in grief,
    While victory kept me afloat and surviving;
    The challenges still continue to await,
    I feel in a constant state of running,
    I'm in a race of life and I dont realise it,
    My mind never ceases and is always going;
    There have been times I wonder why I bother dreaming,
    For it has brought me nothing but pain and anxiety,
    Yet every win I had I saw their faces beaming,
    And I realised I do what I do good as it makes them happy;
    When I think back to what inspired me in the beginning,
    It was never just the fame or glory's embrace,
    Nor was is more about winning,
    It was because I love to put a smile on  faces;
    I remember why I wanted to be what I wanted to be,
    To help others and be a guide,
    To bring respect for my family,
    But along the journey I had casted it aside;
    I dont know when I will find a day where the world is warmer,
    I dont know if I get to live better in my dream,
    But I know I will continue to be a dreamer;
    And break through any obstacle that floats up my stream.

  • fluffychilli 25w

    Shatter the defeatist barricade within,
    Unleash the might that had been pinned,
    Realise that no battle is without pain,
    Realise that no battle is without gain,
    Expunging your faith before the end guarantees no cease,
    Never will you be happy as your plights will return to tease,
    Deal with your enemies then you will be granted peace,
    Enwreathe in the grace of support and optimism,
    Rest assure that your fight will one day end with freedom.

  • fluffychilli 25w

    There are many things in life we may regret and we wish we could go back in time to undo what we have done, said or wrote. But the past carries no emotions for what lies ahead will be more meaningful and dependable. Move on. Learn to let go and move .

    #mirakee #pod #moment #tod_wt #writerstolli #ceesreposts #julietscorner #writersnetwork

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    Move On

    Time will never stop or reverse for those sullen who wish upon it to.
    Nor will the pages carry any remorse from the ink that had spilt on it in vain too.

  • fluffychilli 25w

    I Am Ready by fluffychilli
    Twas those orphic and subliminal times,
    When the clock redened my eyes with anxiety,
    For the finifugal person within me would chime,
    Ticking away wasted hours of worry;

    But the barbed wires I built around my emotions are no more,
    I now stand tall and run proud at whatever the outcome maybe,
    I will demand respect from myself and not whimper at my past sores,
    My chess pieces are organised and I am ready to be the best of me.

    Challenge by @writerstolli #combine6_wt #tod_wt #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #julietscorner

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    I Am Ready

    By fluffychilli

  • fluffychilli 25w

    Why am I still in fear,
    Where am I not seeing clear,
    What can I expect once I escape from here,
    Who will I meet in my future,
    When will I find my happily ever after.

  • fluffychilli 25w

    Safe sex is important people. Make sure you get tested first if you decide not to wrap it or pill it. But please by all means WRAP IT !!! or PILL IT !!! if you are not tested. Stay safe ❤

    P.S don't murder me over the punniness of this poem. I was sitting at a bakery while I was coming up with something witty for this challenge. ��

    #aids_wt #aidsawareness #safesex #mirakee #writerstolli #tod_wt #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #julietscorner

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    If you find a cookie that makes your cannoli want to play,
    And the cookie is wanting your icing to lay,
    Just wrap that rubber on before you start decorating ay !

  • fluffychilli 25w

    Again, I'm not great at haikus but I felt like practising one. ❤

    #prettypic251 #mirakee @bluepuppy01 #haiku #nature #pod #tod_wt #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #julietscorner

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    Melodies are sung,
    By the great forrest at dawn,
    To the morning sun.