Author:Her Heart Beats Too, Clipped Wings 1&2, Colour My Dreams (An English Teacher)

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  • geraldine_mary 1d

    Fire and Ice

    Ice too cold
    Fire too bold
    Yet both kill
    Against your will.

    If fire and ice had a race
    Definitely got to maintain space
    For either of them dread the other
    Like flowers don't bloom in gloomy weather.

    In a race if both ran
    Both would vanish in a span
    Both give life and kill too
    Necessity of both humans woo.

    Too much of anything isn't good at all
    Listen to your heart's silent call
    Hold self steadily upright
    And diligently face life's fire and ice.

  • geraldine_mary 3d

    #colour #wod

    What Colour?

    Can anyone tell me
    What the colour of happiness can be?

    Its been since a while
    I've seen joyful smiles

    Though not of any colour
    Yet joy has it fervor

    Happiness makes eyes twinkle
    And enables hearts jingle

    But its all quiet since days
    No liveliness in any way

    All seem to have a question
    Of immense safety and concern

    Life's become so unpredictable
    Hazards too have become uncontrollable

    Calming oneself yet restless
    Pacifying hearts nerves yet relentless

    The sky doesn't seem as blue
    Grass too seem a dull hue

    Birds twitter seem remorse
    Blowing of wind too now seem coarse

    Where has the shine of happiness on cheeks vanished?
    Why has the colour of happiness tarnished?

    Happiness has always been my favourite color
    Filling every heart with fervor

    Do spread it with your beautiful smile
    Let it travel miles and miles

    Soon the darkness will vanish
    The colour of happiness will every sorrow banish.

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    Happiness has always been my favorite colour
    Filling every heart with fervor
    Do spread it with your beautiful smile
    Let it travel miles and miles

  • geraldine_mary 3w

    Mother of Mine

    Oh! mother Dear
    Where ever you are
    Though far or near
    In my heart forever

    Life has run
    Time has past
    I've grown
    You're not near

    The place you occupy
    In my heart
    Shall ever be yours
    Forever and ever

    No one ever fits
    In that place of yours
    Your value is beyond bounty
    You're the soul of my family

    Though I in earth
    And you in heaven
    Our hearts are still linked
    Through your umbilical cord

    When I think of you
    I become a child
    I miss your lap
    And on my head your tap

    Your gentle hug
    Your tender kiss
    Your melodious humming
    Your charming smile

    Everything has been captured
    By my heart and mind
    But time has run
    And you are gone

    The love for you
    My heart still filled
    Missing each moment
    With you I spent

    But I do believe
    A day shall come
    When I'll come home
    And sleep on your lap

    Your tender kiss
    Your passionate hug
    Your lovable touch
    Will experience once again

    My heart still throbs for you
    The child in me still cries for you
    You're my angel Mom
    I Miss and love you.

  • geraldine_mary 3w


    Stay Home

    You need to stay at home
    For there are some
    Who need to roam

    Your safety lies at home
    While some have dangerous jobs to perform
    Caring for loved ones is also a duty form

    Hence you need to stay at home
    Avoid facing outside the violent storm
    Give it time, it'll surely calm

    Our earth is on a repairing form
    Let the earth take its time
    You just need to stay at home

    The earth has been used rigorously
    It has taken more than it deserved silently
    Let's just stay at home patiently

    Nature has already taken a turn
    An amazing appearance it'll soon tranform
    We'll soon receive life in a more beautiful form

    Many lie stranded in a pathetic form
    Life for many has into darkness transformed
    Many have been taken by the disastrous storm

    You're blessed if you have a home
    Many angels are fixing the storm
    So just let's stay at home

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    Stay Home

    You're blessed if you have a home
    Many angels are fixing the storm
    So just let's stay at home

  • geraldine_mary 5w


    Not All Heroes Wear Capes

    Oh front line warriors
    You shoulder all our worries
    The killer is invisible
    But your strength is invincible

    When we in deep anguish
    Our fear do you vanquish
    You risk your lives
    In safety for us to thrive

    No words we have to express
    But heart filled fervent prayers
    For you to be sound and safe
    We know you too for your family crave

    In times of woe when every hope seems to fail
    You hold our hand and across the storm sail
    When all shut in safe at home
    Amidst the dangerous storm you roam

    When all alone our family person
    Helplessly lie in a hospital bed with none
    You take upon yourself the responsibility
    Breathing in life with all ability

    May Almighty protect you from all harm
    God Himself be your strength and arm
    The killer shall be defeated soon
    Once again we'll see a brighter moon.

    Thanks Mirakee for #pod

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    Not All Heroes Wear Capes

  • geraldine_mary 6w

    It won't be long
    For God is never wrong
    He listens with His heart
    And has assured us right from start
    That He'll be with all
    Even those who never call
    He's forever in our heart
    Hence plays most vital part
    Following us step by step
    To hold us if we drop
    He hears our silent prayers
    And for every being He cares
    The storm shall pass away
    For Him its a slight sway
    He'll calm the storm
    And save us from all harm
    For we firmly believe, ' If God is for us
    who can be against us?'

  • geraldine_mary 6w

    Let your words work as balm
    It will surely keep nerves calm
    Restless beings in search for means
    Means of weary hopes to beam
    Time is dragging slowly by
    Calamity seems never ending why
    Yet the hope continues for a better tomorrow
    Softly caressing our sorrows
    Only when we see the sorrows of another
    Our own really seems much smaller
    Time is the only healer
    Will show us a brighter future
    Till then let your words work as balm
    It will surely keep hearts calm.

  • geraldine_mary 6w

    Too loud the silent roar
    Desperate paths no way show
    Sealed lips hearts burst with fear
    Dried eyes filled within with tears
    Yet I fear no longer
    For Our God is much stronger
    Soon our troubles shall come to an end
    Our Lord is present at every bend.

  • geraldine_mary 7w


    Prayers Work Miracles

    Prayers work miracles
    For all living beings

    Time has become so tough
    Pain more than enough

    Lips seem silent
    Pain unable to prevent

    Eyes hopeful yet sorrowful
    Keeps sipping in tears painful

    Heart continually praying silently
    Begging protection of Our Almighty

    World in aweful pain
    Believing help isn't in vain

    We thus weak human beings
    Unable to understand will of Supreme

    We trust the strength of Our Lord
    Who'll safely lead us forward

    Yes our trust shall prevail
    ' Cause Our Lord never fails

    However dark nights may seem
    Soon we shall see mornings beam.

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  • geraldine_mary 9w


    When will it end....

    Oh my God
    Come to our aid
    Terror is at our door
    Can't tolerate the silent roar

    Mankind in pain deep
    Sorrowful eyes unable to weep
    Invisible is the killer
    Fear hence seems nearer

    Where from did this danger creep
    Tired eyes unable to sleep
    Silent prayers lips keep whispering
    Hope and trust in You alone keeping

    Thousands have been swept away
    Security isn't visible any way
    Heart aches to see so many vanish
    Why did this beast humanity tarnish

    My Saviour in you our hope we place
    Put an end to this beast's pace
    Save your people from this sorrow
    We believe you'll show us a safe tomorrow

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    When will it end....

    Oh my God
    Come to our aid
    Terror is at our door
    Can't tolerate the silent roar