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  • jeelpatel 2d


    There're two giant concrete walls,
    Corpulent walls are they,
    Ineffable lessons of indigo
    On their ironic chests
    Diamond blades of bright
    Black holes in between their lips
    Frost bolls of featherless words
    Or fireworks of
    Dehydrated flames
    On their skin of survival
    Amidst them I walk

    Strongest skeleton I have ,
    Chrysalis around crownbones
    No it ain't illusion or hellucination
    They've originated from the
    Pure lip-marks of my mother
    Just around those bones, daily
    Tiles under my soles
    Square me up to
    That amorphous
    Its folds always engulf
    My world at the
    Oddest time

    And ,
    I leave feetprints of well being
    As I find balance inside myriad
    Buildings amidst four directions
    In my constant city
    But have you observed
    Every thunder doesn't come with
    Roars of rumble
    Inside that stomach of sky
    Even in a blow of smooth air
    Your high balloons of happiness
    Burst out because
    Of those hidden keen particles
    Which want to make your lungs
    More scratched

    All lessons , all tasted traps
    All dark experiences again show
    Their spines to your face
    Like you never lived
    You never learnt
    You never noticed
    You never regret
    All drag you at
    Those horror halfways
    At some past events to
    Make your thighs cut
    Some of wild and new born
    To make your teeth grind
    Though you say
    Let me live again
    I will live again


  • jeelpatel 3d

    Now I ain't able to write so this one is from my draft !!!

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    I've lived million stories on the dead stars,
    Read thousand poems of chaos,
    Carved numerous bricks of papers,
    Locked myriad doors of past shades,
    Sent greetings to my future sun

    But I've been alone on that black stoned bench
    Whenever I do these things
    Like my wrist I look at the sky and then land,
    And take half-turn to see right and left
    Just like my wrist which can see mere half sides
    I can't find any soul with trembling heart

    Amidst that fold of sky and land I feel whole
    Often, but time comes with butterflies
    Of wild strokes of colors on my clothes
    Of heavy tones of wings on my roof
    That time I need one downward hand
    To stretch me out , so I can breathe more again

    I always say alone toes
    Can stay strong infront aghast hurricane
    Alone heart can dig more poetries with depth
    Inside which one can keep treasure alive
    Alone mind can do keen observation
    And can give successful thesis to this world

    But I can't spend my days with those sentences
    Because now they feel rust on my tongue
    Need new verses to make them smooth
    To pour hopes inside their shadows
    To give them new shoulder !


  • jeelpatel 5d

    O' Sad Heart !

    You never know when your
    Heart gets a beat without cannon
    Stronger than those hurricanes till now
    Which destroy your cosmopolitan city
    Create half-roofed homes
    In between alleys
    Throw holes on your
    Bold chest of
    turtle's bulwark

    And on the head of vagabond
    Like hands of that blue sky
    Embrocate that deep old DNA
    But you know it's a phase of hurry to
    Knock your dead dome
    Under which you wrote all poetries
    In that barque
    Of world-fare
    With ink of myriad shades

    Your spine bends down to pick up
    All cotton roses or all
    Torn proses "pain to grey rain"
    And your heels on high buildings behold
    At the stardust to stir
    That real dust of all broken
    Porcelain vases
    Inside which you planted your
    Gleamy chaotic high flowers
    Of rare warmth
    Of beautiful hopes

    O' sad heart! just open that castle
    Move off your back steps
    Without seeing a glimpse of reality
    Don't fade away
    Don't go at your knees
    Open those non transparent violet
    Of which creases's kissed
    By your rare roars
    On those tiles of silence
    And absorb that new sunrays
    For your all new cells
    For your all new destinations


  • jeelpatel 1w

    I'll read all posts and tags soon busy with studies.��

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    You were on the highest mountain
    Of bold illusions,
    You set off up the mountain
    With faceless fantasies
    On the unconcious craves with
    Whole concious perceptions
    You seeded
    A strong bridge
    To convey yourself from
    Your world to only your world

    On that peak of mountain
    You shouted to haul out your
    Heart with aggressive echoes
    Like you got
    Survival and satisfaction
    By listing mere one line
    Five and half times
    From sharp voice to dull
    It left impression
    On your skin

    But darling that was just a
    Which your ears want to kiss
    Again and again
    Short lived by this blunt reality
    Long lasted love by your
    Frozen senses
    But this rainy dark evening
    These keen drops of rain
    Wake your dreamy sleep up
    When your cries overlapped
    By those thunders

    When you've just stopped
    Being afraid of brokenness
    You accept to live
    Worse phase erstwhile
    Rather than being dove in that time
    No matter you lose all bones
    Under your scratched skin
    You'll get healthy hope
    Soon for sure
    Cause you've survived
    Live no matter what


  • jeelpatel 1w

    This is really long you can skip.

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    Pink velvet on this chest of world
    My cheesy cheeks never rely upon
    They used to say world is full of
    Clowns but I would thought
    I don't put synthetic beauty
    On this skin of
    Less lifespan
    So I ain't one of them
    Nor I overlap those inner
    Obese scars
    To get munificient hurts and hatred

    Day is just like those days I lived
    I feel, nothing is new like life on Neptune
    Live under petulant theories and
    On the blue healthy fold of joy
    But I can't sense today
    There's frost-bed under my spine
    Or volcano-balls on the walls
    Of this world
    Rosy flowers on my lips
    Smile on this new day
    Hopes knock the locked door
    Hands knit rough routine
    Heels walk
    On the familiar path

    Ten steps from that crossroad-3
    Bold horn from black covered face
    Neck's turning slowly
    Like find eyes in the back of head
    Sudden acidic thunder is
    Pricking my face of faceless
    Voice box of mine
    Go till the limit of limitless
    In a second world is black
    For blunt eyes
    Senses are on the pause
    Just I stand

    Sombre red patterns I can't see
    But foreign pupils reflect them
    Every inch I feel rotten
    Though whole body I've
    I am rigid
    I am dead
    They ask for attackers who
    Were on the accident prone speed
    Who threw and fled
    Give me unnatural gift for ever
    I bought at the old home in new world
    Mirror of reality I'm seeing
    Tiles are broken now
    Pieces of which cut my
    Parents' heart
    I have death of my old bones
    And birth of new skin
    Whole new world I see

    Now I feel skin have quite long
    Lips taste all kind of support
    And skin is drowned
    Inside the ocean of criticism and dirt
    Mind is restless so very mouth
    Have two paths
    As mostly situations have
    Die with the ligature at collarbone
    Under those keen pins of words
    Or live with rare inspiration
    On the genuine shoulders
    It ain't easy to choose
    No I can choose
    But it'll take time
    To get justice
    To settle in new life
    With old things and virtues
    Now , I'm living
    With real scars, not inner


  • jeelpatel 1w


    Head by head
    Heads up and heads down
    O'eyes ! why you don't look straight
    Into transparent forthcoming skin
    Of air, of bloodletting reality
    I see every passer by
    Outside my damp collapsed cottage
    On that path of hill stations
    So high to spread you so far
    Listen bones
    See that valley

    You've seen success on the top
    Under the ineffable same sky
    But piece of square
    On which it stands throw rare limelight
    So you walk high and high
    Knock your ears
    They won't hear echoes after fall
    Not every hillstation has real depth inside
    It will give you blunt stroke
    You'll be half-faced
    For other half-life
    Or for all

    Crowds with same skin are so many
    O'newborn cheeks, of passion
    You want to touch
    That last fold of unfold fire balls
    To cease that years old fire in that chest
    You want to hold
    That particular water molecules
    To flush away all ashes of your wild flood
    You want to survive
    With soft or rigid soles
    On the roses or gledes
    You'll live
    For you travel this
    Life is success
    Mere living isn't life


  • jeelpatel 2w

    7th song I tried.

    And Thank you so much guys fa showering your love on my all songs means a lot hope you all are doing good. ��

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    [Verse -1]

    I need walls on the walls
    Ears wanna pop off from the calls
    I don't wanna draw others' skies
    For taking shoulders under their lies
    'Cause bones will be ashes one day
    'Cause laugh will be leave note one day


    So let me sit on this grey swing
    I'm high on my old songs to roam
    In the eighteen where I wasn't there
    To taste red love and black movies
    'Cause I feel my verses in that creased time


    And I'll hold my shoes in this smoke
    Will cut the reality which isn't joke
    Each day on this papery skin I want to live
    With giggles forthcoming in my heart
    With strikes of strangers in my mind
    I'll drop my part in this big party of life
    You'll see my toe-marks on the rare roars


    I love bricks on the bricks
    where brown can't play its tricks
    I won't crush others' bloomed gardens
    For my newborn unpacked burdens
    I know stairs have steps ups and down
    I know rent house of greetings and farewells


    So let me sit on this grey swing
    I'm high on my old songs to roam
    In the eighteen where I wasn't there
    To taste red love and black movies
    'Cause I feel my verses in that creased time


    And I'll hold my shoes in this smoke
    Will cut the reality which isn't joke
    Each day on this papery skin I want to live
    With giggles forthcoming in my heart
    With strikes of strangers in my mind
    I'll drop my part in this big party of life
    You'll see my toe-marks on the rare roars



  • jeelpatel 2w


    You drop a paper-plane
    In the backseat of heavy storm
    And pack a bag of all disasters with knot
    With a quite jolt put it on the tip
    Of your paper-plane
    To make them fly away
    From your airport of origin
    You want a pool of peace
    Inside your home

    //You know,
    Under the moonlight your face
    Expresses different shades - full moon
    To new moon//

    Storm will be off
    And your lungs'll breathe happy air
    Like differrent digits of calendar
    Days won't stay same
    Your bones won't be same
    But O' fighter! you've to fight
    In the flaxen of Autumn
    In the pink of spring
    Don't run away
    You're equipped
    Hold your feet

    //You know,
    Persistence is a precious poetry
    Locks your all words and spread
    Their fragrance till centuries//


  • jeelpatel 2w


    At that unfamiliar crossroad
    Your nose-tip of chaotic loads
    Smell the fragrance of strangers
    You see swirling butterflies
    With strings of rainbow
    In their bunch of hairs
    Not as your years old wrist
    Saw once in its backyard
    Full of black wings
    And with pores as
    Unfilled dotes

    //And you said,
    "Bold wild fire decores itself
    With hoar ashes"//

    Like rust on your heart attracts
    Their magnets of metaphors
    Which can blazon your sealed wounds
    On the skin of your poetry
    Where you never wrote ownself
    Your wrecked weirdness
    Can get same reflection
    On their mirrors of truth
    You feel silence
    Can be heard
    In their homes

    //And you said,
    Life isn't an alphabet which
    Has only 26 souls//

    When you meet those strangers
    Well versed in your monsoon
    Tune of soothing songs will be sung
    Under your sleepless pillow
    And you release your
    bottled up fireflies
    Which've still shine of left Suns
    Your rigid roots curled up
    To grow till new sky
    And you feel alive
    You feel alive
    In their presence

    //And you said,
    Closed window has still narrow
    Gap for rays of hopes//


  • jeelpatel 3w


    I'm sticky sandy beach
    Sea-waves of snakebites crashing
    My library of old dairies
    Of those soulful songs
    Of those untapped wounds
    Of those horror seasons

    I'm dowdy desert
    Heatfall stings those cracks inside
    My unpacked bag of forst-bites
    Of last wrecked winter
    Of last warm whole breath
    Of last happy day on calendar

    I'm hoar high mountain
    At the peak, limelight throw itself on
    My flying dreams of peace
    Of undefeated survival
    Of undefeated brokenness
    Of undefeated real grace

    I'm cerulean sky
    Clouds under my pillow sooth
    My hard curvy spine of tests
    Of very new circumstance
    Of very bitter period on clock
    Of very dreadful walls at home

    I'm part of this nature
    At the end within which
    I broke, I heal , I raise , I dive
    Let's not take only shots of it
    Let's protect its every part
    Only it'll make you alive