"Write a little a day to keep your creativity a raging flame."

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  • kamen1 1d

    Mysterious Man

    I arrive home exhausted
    This exhalation immediately turns into fright
    My heart skips a beat
    I freeze in shock
    As overwhelming thoughts grasp my body

    I watch rolls of smoke escape from the roof of the house
    My eyes widen with haste
    I can hear the screaming of my mother, father and new born brother
    Their scream brandish an everlasting mental scar
    My mouth begins to quiver

    I want to help them at all cost
    I want to stop their blood curdling screams
    Amidst the chaos a firm, but gentle hand grips my slacked shoulder
    I am in too much shock to register the unlikely contact
    I keep my eyes on the burning house

    A huminoid figure blocks my view
    Slowly beginning to walk towards the house
    This crucial time races on
    Feeling like only seconds
    The next thing I know I'm with my family in a hospital

    Reunited with my family once again
    My thoughts become clearer
    I ask about the peculiar figure I saw enter the burning house
    My parents look at me strange
    I look at them with the same expression

    Years go on as that fated day still haunts me at night
    I have no answer or even a hint as to who saved my parents that night
    It matters no less that I know his name
    For I still thank the man who came that night every day

  • kamen1 2d

    Old House

    An old house settles in a dreary forest
    Its rickety floor creakes from the slightest pressure
    Its Shingles hang by a thread, swaying back and forth
    Its Cracked windows create an eerie atmosphere
    The smell of mold and dew keep people out

    This old house is destined for destruction
    However the old house ignores destiny's decision
    For what the old house seeks is to be reborn as a place of peace and prosperity
    To show the world that even a decrepit house
    Can warm the hearts of many families to come
    With the old house's mind set

    Destiny gives a sly smile, nodding its head
    Now the house renewed, destiny makes another decision
    Allowing the old house to live out what it so desperately seeks

  • kamen1 5d


    A mix of sand and dust surrounds me
    Trash litters the barren land
    There is not an inkling of greenery to be spotted

    A crumpled can is at my feet
    The blaring sun is making me lose my reasoning
    I kick the can out of rage
    Watching as it goes a couple of feet into a pile of tattered things

    This wasteland makes me feel uneasy
    The trash all around deters my optimism
    As the heat begins to take a bigger toll on my body
    I need water
    My body cries out for the satisfying sensation of the cold liquid

    I keep walking
    The only thing in sight is trash for miles unending
    I quickly begin to lose my sanity
    For the oasis I seek is no longer in reach

  • kamen1 1w

    Untitled #1

    Till the start of death
    Forgetting the beginning of life
    Worrying for tomorrow
    Not living today
    A cycle unending
    The way of life deceiving us
    Unbefitting every human being

  • kamen1 1w


    A tale of peace
    In time becomes a stepping stone for conflict

    A tale of innocents
    In time becomes stained with impurities

    A tale of good fortune
    In time becomes a beggars misfortune

    A tale of heroics
    In time becomes the downfall for the common man

    Many tales have been made through passing generations
    Each time growing in story elements
    Always seeking a happy ending
    Sadly never able to truly mask the faults of our world

  • kamen1 2w

    I Will Never...

    "I will never lie to you again."
    She gives a dazed smile
    Wanting to believe the lie I have said

    "I will never cheat again."
    She looks at me like she would a stranger
    My phone goes off with a ding
    Her sorrowful gaze doesn't stop me from checking my phone
    A text from Sarah

    "I will never drink again."
    I give her a reassuring smile
    She nods her head robotically having heard this many times
    The same night my thoughts become numb and my words slurred

    "I will never hurt you again."
    I say this as my hand leaves her reddened face
    Her eyes are watery as she gives a forced smile
    Turning around she leaves the room

    Day by day I realize how horrible I am
    Night by night I ask for forgiveness
    However, no matter how hard I try
    "I will never be able to change."

  • kamen1 2w


    Wandering aimlessly through the wilderness
    My heart beats frantically
    Looking every direction trying to find a point of reference
    I run around unknowingly
    Distancing myself from society
    The setting sun is like a ticking time bomb
    Each second that passes is a wasted opportunity
    The sun finally makes its way over the horizon
    My eyes watch as the sky turns ghostly black
    I reach my hand out for the fading sun
    Trying to grasp the last seed of hope
    Darkness invades my distorted senses
    Tears flow endlessly down my face
    I come to a halt and sit under a decrepit tree
    The horrors of night begin to creep in
    As I stare into the forest's dark abyss

  • kamen1 2w


    I awaken from a deep slumber
    My eyes blink exactly five times

    The fine line between dream and reality become clear
    I move my body under a layer of silky sheets

    A soothing warmth swirls around me
    I let out an unexpected smile full of ecstacy

    I sit up and stare into a ray of sunlight sneaking through closed curtains
    A loud yawn breaks the unsettling silence
    As I slip out of my solitude to get ready and start the day

  • kamen1 3w


    An innocent heart ripped from his chest
    A heart full of bliss
    His heart a mash of youthfulness
    Never did he stray from his path of caring
    Nor did he hate a single thing
    However no matter how much he wanted to keep his innocent touch
    The world full of hate had another plan for his blind innocents
    He had his first heartbreak
    Which led to an everlasting heartache
    Now the innocent boy no longer alive
    A boy turned man is living to strive
    In a world that has no room for his once innocent eyes

  • kamen1 3w

    Natural Beauty

    I crouch down on a soft layer of smooth stones
    A stream of cold water passes inbetween my
    fragile fingers
    While a warm breeze from the setting sun ruffles my lightened hair
    I inhale a whiff of nature's alluring fragrance
    The scent of life envelops my nostrils
    My senses not satisfied
    I begin to explore the world around me with my hazel eyes
    A view of visual wonders sparks a life time of memories
    Time seems to slip from my grasp
    Minutes suddenly manifest into hours
    As I absorb the magnificent spectacles of nature