author of Melange-the potpourri of emotions, a painter, a mom

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  • monikakapur 1d

    हाँ तेरे ग़ुरूर से ऊँचा नहीं कोई
    जाने कितने दिलों पे पैर रख वहाँ पहुँचा होगा

  • monikakapur 1d

    The first three words I saw were CHANGE, FAMILY, GRATITUDE in the same order .

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    Today is the day of change
    Have you touched the sunlight today
    Have you allowed it to enter your being
    Have you bathed in its warmth today

    Today is the day to feel gratitude
    Today is the day to rise and shine
    Today is the day to spend with your family
    Today is the day to live and not to whine

  • monikakapur 2d


    You tried to steal my identity, imposing yours on mine
    Now this faceless coal will soon turn into diamond and shine


  • monikakapur 3d

    If words could fall in my lap
    If emotions rain down
    If rhythm avalanches down on me
    If creativity never frowns

    I would write down a master piece
    A poem with supernal verse
    There won’t be any empty pages
    My ink will never be cursed


  • monikakapur 3d


    Childhood is made up of sunshine and dreams
    Marshmallows dipped in chocolate, milkshakes loaded with cream
    Languishing under the tree, watching a squirrel finding the nuts
    Gentle breeze ringing the wind chimes hanging in our tree hut
    Salads, untouched, rest all goodies gulped down
    As kids we all thought we were the kings and queens with our invisible crown

  • monikakapur 4d

    कल पैर से मसला था जो तिनका ग़ुरूर में
    आज आँख में गिरा और अपनी औक़ात बता गया

  • monikakapur 4d


  • monikakapur 5d


    My words, my soul
    My vocabulary, my friend
    My poetry, my identity

  • monikakapur 5d


    When life gives you lemon,
    Ensure to squeeze them in the eyes
    of a few😂😂

  • monikakapur 1w

    पिसते गए और ज़िंदगी महकती चली गयी
    कुछ इलायची और चाय सा रिश्ता, अपना है ज़िंदगी से