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  • nikkitamariefp 29w

    My heart is so full of you.
    I don’t think I can ever
    stop loving you in this lifetime.

  • nikkitamariefp 31w

    The joys of reading.

    My mind going at a high speed, wanting to gush every word stored in my vocabulary. I suddenly have a lot to say about everything, as if I’ve just been endowed with eternal wisdom. But ironically too, I can’t keep up with all these words that are coming out in all directions and keep them organized into something that makes actual sense.

    This is what finishing a book does to me. It contains magnificently weaved words that infect me with verbal diarrhea; make me want to write about the book or write a book of my own, as if I’m qualified in any level.

    It is unsettling. It is making me restless, but also alive.

    And now that the desire for sleep is slowly seeping in, pushing my lids lower and lower, I fear I would lose the disease in my sleep; as if it would be snatched away in the middle of the night if I don’t stay on guard.

  • nikkitamariefp 31w

    Calming Sticks

    It may be true,
    I’m just wasting my life on you.
    But you’re the only thing I’ve got
    When all else in me start to fall apart.


  • nikkitamariefp 31w

    Paper Castle

    We built a home out of a paper castle;
    Grand on the outside and the neighbors envied our majestic lot.
    “It was the perfect place to take a happy ending,” they told themselves.

    Little did they know it was all about to cave in;
    For the walls we have built have been made flimsy and weak with treachery and tears,
    And on the inside, neither a heart nor a home could fit;

    Only a lonely, sulky queen, and a distant and lie-weaving king.
    When the rain finally came;
    We bore witness to a sand castle collapsing no faster than this paper castle we have built..

    #rwu_hea #fairytales #love #home #lies #papercastle #poetry #freeverse #darkages

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    Herewith another recycled post written
    during the “Dark Ages” of my life.


  • nikkitamariefp 31w

    Caffeinated Night

    I lie widely awake in bed, trying to fight away the life in my blood and my the thoughts that’s turning into the darkest shade of red and black.

    I stare out into the dark morning with all of my reeling thoughts slowly turning into a lucid thinking.

    How strange it is that the golden moment of lucidity only comes at this dark, twisted day time and only conjures unwanted sentiments;

    It pricks the deepest wounds, re-flares my already-burning rage, and makes the bitterness more bitter as if to reflect the taste of this intoxicating potion I had willingly taken.

    And when the birth of the lightful night comes, I will see all my wishful thinking come to life becoming more nebulous than it could ever be.

    Then, tomorrow’s sun will be another night. I’ll be fighting away death in my blood, but then life itself will refuse to ignite.

    #rwu_pastinpresent #poetry #freeverse #night #coffee #darkages #pain #love #life #death

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    Breaking a little from tradition...
    As I was browsing through the old poems I have posted on my personal blog, I came across this one I wrote about having sleepless nights due to caffeine intake. What made me halt for a bit was the fact that, I wrote this during what I consider to be the “Dark Ages” in my life. It sure feels good to look back and see that I’ve come a long way. It also serves as a reminder NEVER to take a step back to that phase in my life.


  • nikkitamariefp 31w

    Shipwrecked, but glows in the dark.

  • nikkitamariefp 34w

    You amuse me with your tenacity;
    You work so hard to win my heart and gain my trust,
    just so you can break them again.

  • nikkitamariefp 34w

    When you’re just an unskilled writer, and you know it isn’t just a #writersblock. 😞
    #wordless #stories #frustrations

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    Too many stories to tell,
    No words to tell them with.

  • nikkitamariefp 35w

    Why does it always have to be about #YOU #suffocated #tired

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    Can’t I ever get out of this cycled called

  • nikkitamariefp 36w

    Will I live long enough to tell you the tale of how long I have been loving you?