a wounded warrior bleeding a thousand words

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  • nikkitamariefp 9w

    You keep me sane
    By keeping me insane over you.

  • nikkitamariefp 10w

    Like the sun

    We started orange in the sun rise;
    full of joy, happiness, enthusiasm.

    We were blinded in white
    as the intensity of heat rises at noon.

    Then came the sunset,
    Orange fused into cold blue, and red violet.

    We died into black
    as we let the dusk fall quickly in our sky.

  • nikkitamariefp 11w

    Picking up the shattered pieces
    Broken piece by broken piece;
    But sometimes they cut me
    and cause my wounds to bleed
    over and over again.

  • nikkitamariefp 12w

    Our story is like an eclipse;
    You, the bright ☀️
    I, the small 🌎,
    She, the cold and dark 🌙
    And it was a solar eclipse.

  • nikkitamariefp 13w

    Stand still, keep a straight face, endure the pain.
    This is how you win the game.

  • nikkitamariefp 13w

    Nothing else keeps me up all night than a broken heart.

  • nikkitamariefp 14w

    Nothing lasts forever,
    not even your pain and suffering.

  • nikkitamariefp 14w


    is when you stop trying just because
    you thought you failed.

  • nikkitamariefp 14w

    How come...

    Even as you try to make it up with me,
    you still fail.

  • nikkitamariefp 14w

    We met. You left,
    But stayed in my heart forever.