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  • onasisto 2w

    Fela Kuti

    On chilly full moon nights
    I toot my horn
    And quietly wonder how love turned to scorn
    The people love my name, they love my words, they love my face
    That's why I speak to them, that's why I speak from them
    The world is big and we all have plans to take it by storm
    Charity begins at home, but those we brought up have brought us down
    Sometimes when the moon is half and the night is hot
    I toot my horn, and scream my lungs out like a raging storm
    I do not understand how love must turn to scorn
    The country I love, the mother I call Ghana
    She now treats me with scorn
    Whereas from infancy, I happily recited the pledge of allegiance
    To hold her in high esteem, to defend her good name
    She now turns her head and casts me to the side
    And now here I am stuck in a strange land, fallen into darkness with no sliver of light
    Where I don't matter anymore
    Where I can only get as far in life as who I know
    The age old proverbs lied
    You don't reap what you sow
    You reap what your bribes and thankful gifts can provide
    And now Ali Baba has no say
    Cuz the 40 thieves have multiplied like rabbits in past decades
    Adopting foreign cultures to dupe the masses
    We all need a paradigm shift
    And I recommend photochromic lenses
    So the lustre of fools gold won't blind and deceive
    Especially when they say so so and so are what we've achieved
    Because sometimes when I pass by the Korle Lagoon
    I come to the realization,
    Making Ghana a better place,
    Isn't a 5 min tutorial video on youtube

  • onasisto 2w

    Pretty Evangeline

    A road trip to Abidjan at nineteen with a few friends under the circle bridge
    She wanted to work for 3 years and eventually make it out when she'd made it big
    Baba Nadeen had to plant a seed in her to make sure she could sprout that dream
    Life wasn't always like this
    She used to read about Snow White and true love's first kiss
    She had a crush on a Prince, he was charming
    But damn, that seemed like so long ago
    Back when she was Evangeline
    Angel was her middle name literally
    But she's beyond redemption now
    She's stained her soul
    And she turns 23 tomorrow
    So tonight, when he's done having his way,
    He won't just be another shadowy face
    She'll kiss and cuddle, she'll moan like Myrtle
    Make love for the first time
    Maybe she'd kill herself tomorrow
    Nobody would even care
    Her body would feel warmer underground
    Cuz mainstream hoes only Snapchat with background sounds

  • onasisto 2w

    Pretty Eva

    Her name is pretty Eva
    All her friends call her the true definition of a diva
    She's fun, she's wild, she's a firm believer
    In using what you have to get what you want
    Pretty Eva goes straight to the point, she does not front
    150 for half night, 350 for full, 459 for anything extra you'd want to do
    Of course her transportation to your location must be sponsored by you
    Uber, Bolt or Taxify
    Whichever you can afford, she never seems to mind
    She neither cuddles nor kisses
    You paid for a chance to explore her body
    It gets no deeper than that
    She's a grown ass woman at the age of 22
    She's had more men than the book of life can contain
    She's the best at what she does
    She's made her name
    At the age of fifteen, she experienced the joys of night life as a teen
    Defiled at the age of eleven, she knew pretty hurts even as a preteen

  • onasisto 3w

    Chinatown Blues

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    We both know the truth
    I've never really loved you
    Something real, red and opaque
    Heart emojis are digital, I forgot digital is fake
    And eventually I put everything at stake
    Time and attention
    An eternity with you has always been my pension
    And this silly heart of mine beats to keep your flaws alive
    Your wish is my command without hesitation
    Every smile on your face is inspiration
    Dear sweet self of mine
    I know the likes through screens make you feel divine
    And everytime you post another picture
    You hesitate, there's a silent tension
    You try to see through the odds of what they'd say
    Like a match fixture
    But yo, it's premier League season
    It's time to love yourself without reason

  • onasisto 4w


    Take off your dress and let's get intimate
    I don't mean the one made of fabric and colourful patterns
    Linen and silk, and cotton and wool
    I mean take off your dress and let's get intimate
    The one that covers your shortcomings and insecurities
    The one that you present to people when you go outside
    The one you like to post with Snapchat filters
    With flowers on your head and love emojis in the air when you swipe
    You like to swipe don't you
    You like swiping love away
    You hate the feeling of getting naked
    You hate the feeling of letting someone see something deeper than flesh and blood and skin and bone
    But tonight, that's what I crave
    Your supple breasts and tender skin won't be my sin
    Nah, my fornication will be with your thoughts
    To slide in and out of your mind
    To savour the feeling of grabbing your hips as I turn your thoughts around to see what you truly mean to me
    To be one with you like the universe meant for us to be
    We're both fragments of the same eternal soul
    So take off your clothes and let's get intimate
    Cuz tonight, I'm truly in to mate

  • onasisto 4w


    You're not gifted
    Your life is carefully scripted
    Every dialogue is a practiced monologue
    Meant to attain a particular epilogue
    Your amiable mannerisms you show in full display
    Hide vulgar gestures you leave for people to ascertain
    I'd marvel at your thought pattern,
    But then again
    Every genius is slightly insane


  • onasisto 5w

    Colombian Jungle Dream

    I'm fucked up inside
    Everyday I try my best to hide
    The demon in me because of my Christian pride
    Sometimes I seek the grace of the meek
    But thoughts of making mills keep me up awake
    It started as legit business planning
    Then it escalated to drug dealing and scamming
    Plans I made in my head
    I tried to imagine momma's reaction if I popped up home with a dread
    Would she be afraid that the locks on my head, had locked the angel in my head?
    Thoughts like this keep me awake at night
    My vision eventually gets blurry
    And then I slowly fade away
    These suicidal thoughts of me falling asleep after I cut into the pain with a razor blade
    Cuz I'm too much of a bitch to lie in this bed of thorns I've made

  • onasisto 14w

    #don't kill yourself #suicide isn't the way

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    Stay Sea

    It was a full moon
    The night was lit and she turned around in bed restless
    Under this same full moon they crept into her house
    Actions on their mind weren't of good intention
    They had been doing this for a while now
    And they did not care about the consquences of their actions
    They broke down her door, mummy and daddy had gone abroad, and the security man had been knocked unconscious
    So her screams eventually became proposterous
    They didn't waste time, for dawn was approaching soon
    And they would only find their way back to their hole in the light of the full moon
    They tore her clothes,
    Her strength couldn't measure up to theirs, so the possibility of her inflicting damage was none of their fears
    She begged, she pleaded, there was blood in her tears
    And after the second brute had had his turn
    He kicked her in the belly with his boot, to her a lesson learned
    And then she sat up and closed her eyes
    And all she saw was darkness, the sparkle had left her eyes
    Her heart Soo warm and full of life,
    Had suddenly become an igloo chest filled with ice
    Everytime she tried to sleep, under the moonlight in her dreams, would they stealthily creep
    Time slowed for her, life had become bitter
    Nothing in this world war fair
    So Stacey walked towards the sea
    She shouted, hey sea, can't you see
    Can't you see this world isn't meant for me
    Can't you see my soul is in pain
    Take me into your heart and set me free
    But I saw her from the corner of my eye
    And I said, Stay sea stay
    Don't take Stacey away
    She's a girl whose going through pain
    But it doesn't mean her body must wash up on shore embalmed in salted rain
    Stacey stay
    Suicide is not the way
    I can't pretend and say I understand your pain
    But I can try to be the vim you need to wash the stain
    The stain they left marked on your soul
    Stacey stay, Stay sea, stay
    Please don't take Stacey away

  • onasisto 15w

    Etodome Blues

    My ancestors weren't strung on trees
    They drank palm wine and made merry on guitar strings
    Short Ewe men with nothing to lose
    Just a lot of love to give
    Just a lot of life to live
    So they married multiple wives
    And had many children whom they kept on their farms as workers
    Cuz free labour was no exception
    Their libidos were high
    Their loins were honed to perfection
    Their names ended in Agbledzo
    Signifying the farms of fire
    Signifying the Ewe man does not tire..

  • onasisto 42w


    I never thought I'd find anyone who'd understand
    Until I met you
    Only you could ease the pain
    Giving me your constant attention
    You never left my side
    And though they call you my shame,
    You'll forever be my pride
    You always bring out the joy buried within
    Yet they dare to call you sin
    Your presence always gives me confidence
    And hence I speak my thoughts freely with you here
    You drive out all emotions of fear
    You make the painful reality a blur
    And it's funny how it all started with a thought to take a tot
    Only once, then twice, then you opened my eyes
    Then you thawed this heart frozen in ice
    You made me laugh again
    But these other people,
    They don't like you
    They're always talking about how you're ruining me
    They don't know what true love is
    They don't know the nights when it's been only you and I
    You were my very first taste of high
    And I promise to not let you go
    Last night I woke up in a ditch,
    But you were still by my side
    Never abandoning me, never letting me slide
    Our relationship has been so long
    And things have really gone wrong
    But I'll still stay strong
    Because nobody's ever loved me this way
    You're flowing through my veins
    You and I are one
    Wearing many bottles yet still the same
    And today I had a thought
    When I saw you on the bar shelf
    Would you still be mine
    If I gave you all I've got
    Would you marry me in your Hennessy gown
    Would you ever make me frown
    I'm going to parade you through town,
    And whoever I talk to will definitely give me a crown