ashes of cigar tattooed my scars

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  • pocketsmile 2h

    Unity of imaginations
    Renaissance it is
    Flying poets tied up their quills
    Words and metaphors of our hearts
    On pages and pages are scribbled
    A world of heaven in a glimpse
    Here a new found glory
    An earth better than the reality
    We build our home
    Make a family, smiles together
    Pours heart together
    You turn our tears into stars
    Lying between spaces of words
    Made our sky smile,
    Make it look the horizon of Autumn
    You harvest the moonbeams to
    Light up our abyss of thoughts
    You expand the Universe,
    So we can hold it in the palms of hands
    You give your whole heart to
    Bloom our words of hope
    You're the seed that grows
    The tree of eternity....

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday @mirakee ♥️
    Keep Inspiring us... ��

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    Birthday swiftly comes
    Once in four seasons
    In mood of joy
    On a special day
    Lightning quick as flesh
    Are the years gone behind
    A score of age
    Grace from heaven above
    All I can say
    In your new path
    In your new breath
    MIRAKEE ♥️


  • pocketsmile 7h

    I subdue my pains
    By dipping the quill
    In ink of hope, painting
    The words of truth in
    The pages of dream
    Poetry emerges with
    Joy..... In my
    Wilderness, I
    Emerge as a garden
    Of eternal peace


  • pocketsmile 1d

    INK's Gift

    An intrinsic infringement
    With vehement intent
    Rolls through my mind
    A cyclone of fervour
    Juxtaposing light and dark
    Dry embers catching
    Idiomatic expressions
    Fueled ever further
    By abeyant exploits
    An adduce to proclaim
    'the pen be mightier'
    So I'll ascertain the ink
    It contains be far heavier
    Than that of metallurgy
    For those whose hearts
    Driven mad at ill tempo
    To strive putting ink
    Down onto paper
    My pen dances across the page
    To keep all the memories alive
    For a little longer
    I live within each word
    The quill is my real world
    Ink is healing
    Metaphors are rejuvenating
    Immortality seeping out
    Through the cracks of
    My fragile heart


  • pocketsmile 1d

    Goodnight ♥️


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    When I shut my eyes
    That's when my world truly comes to life
    Dancing fragments of colorful shards
    The swirling unity of the light and dark
    A Universe, Galaxy , right at my feet
    A sanctuary, a haven to be one at piece
    Where all my scattered desires gently collide
    And all the madness swiftly swept aside
    Let my mind do the walking
    I control the tide
    It can be my lover's den , favorite place
    Or just the detailed beauty in somebody's face
    I can glide, I can soar
    I can be so so much more
    The mountains and trees
    Can be brought to my knees
    It can be my kingdom I rule
    Or a small place I call home
    Whatever I choose,
    I know it's my own


  • pocketsmile 2d


    We are all seekers at the start
    Waking up in a field of
    Spectral sunflowers

    (We are all seers in the end
    Seeds grown to shatter surfaces)

    there are no veils to pierce
    There are no more crumbling walls
    Torments has break them all down

    Trading with the immoral stranger
    One habit or crown for another
    Soothing self suffering by the
    Piling on of others' pains
    Half moon releasement
    A session with the gazing glass
    Dymphna appears a blade of
    Blended faith

    Swirls of earthly blues
    and green hypnotizing
    Everything feels apocryphal
    When the ground is so alive

    (Just lie back)

    I sift through fonts in modern dreaming
    I can't see any faces I recognize anymore
    Only blurred strangers fading
    In and out of a sea of woods
    They don't know they're drowning
    They don't see that the torpid sky
    Is finally falling because their
    Heads are always bowed

    No one knows to fear what they can
    No longer look up to
    A glint can be blinding
    It's the last thing you see
    The flow of spirit energy
    Is basic neurology
    But terminology determines
    Who is sane and who is not
    In this kingdom, the Emperor
    Bestows his own methods
    Of doctoring, his own
    Misinterpreted treatments
    Touted in the name of tender love

    If you were able to hear my voice
    Through your hatred , I'd tell you
    That the word was never to be
    Wielded as a weapon , but still
    I bleed in psalms , your unwarranted
    Wrath was always a warning
    A prelude to your Acts, your
    Blasphemy , lips of whips
    Hands of scorpions

    You taught me tainted truths
    I never believed in you, nor in the fate
    You tried to seal for me
    With a hermetic kiss

    (On the eve of epiphany)

    //Three stars in the east
    Will rain down lightning;
    Alarms will ring, but it'll only be
    A birdsong symphony,
    And then I'll find peace//

    I forgive you, your punishments
    Delivered in the name of
    Patriarchal piety
    I forgive your twisting
    Of times and texts instill
    Fear in me, I forgive the
    Silent bystanders battling
    Their own father wraiths

    I learn to forget by polishing
    A familiar face in the mirror
    A white lily appears
    A symbol of death
    Of a new future
    Of purity
    Of resurrection light

    (I can get up, Whenever I'm ready,
    Everything's alright)


  • pocketsmile 3d


    A room of eyes
    Observing the life of a young waterfall
    They cry when melancholy pours
    And they beam when the river's mouth glistens
    Blankly staring into their black and white world

    A room of lips
    Singing along to the young amplifier's songs
    Their teeth chattering through cold nights
    Biting all unwelcome
    A room of skeletons
    Cracked and messy

    A room of flowers
    Dried but lively
    A room of witness
    That jury of expression
    An opinionated painting of helpful ideas

    My faces keep my secrets
    Over grey walls they hold
    Their bodies bruised
    Their clothes on my flooring
    Their shoes are those I walk in
    Each a part of me
    Each I made myself
    Each tattooed on paper

    My room is full of my self drawn faces
    Saving me from the lonesomeness of
    Sharing a room with none.....


  • pocketsmile 4d

    My poetry is the spontaneous
    waves of my unbridled
    emotions that pour from
    the monsoon of my heart


  • pocketsmile 5d

    We are all fumbling
    our way in entropy

    Our lines were never straight
    Our feet would prod and
    Our minds would loiter

    Smoke erupting from our nostrils
    and fumes of liquor would disperse
    in our throats

    We never did get enough of ---- enough
    We hanker for what seems a wonder
    What seemed the lesser of the norm

    The nudge in our groin
    In our spine
    In our fingertips
    In our lips
    In our earlobes
    In our knees

    We all seek for fire
    Laden anticipating

    Shackles like parasites
    against our flesh
    We never stray from it

    We welcome it like
    a suckling outreaching
    for nectar

    I'm tired of writing
    My way into limbo

    Tired of undressing myself
    to be heard
    to be devoured
    to be nurtured

    Such a farcical euphemism
    to be called
    a struggling poetess I am

    When in truth, I should
    be called with no name at all

    Writers shouldn't have
    any particular name

    Once we start writing, we leave
    our identity in a muck, the gutter

    We are no face

    Such a tragically beautiful existence
    Lonely yet such liberations

    I'm trapped in my thoughts

    Set a fire inside my lungs
    then crawl back
    into my bed


  • pocketsmile 1w

    Soul in words,
    makes poetry


  • pocketsmile 1w


    The wind's out of breath
    The sky's mouth is all dry
    The sun has arrived
    Parched lips
    With sly smile
    Promising rain in July

    Thunder drums in the distance
    Theatrical drama assured
    Black thoughts
    Grow out of my head
    Smooth curls
    Loop down and swirl

    Sun's sculpted shoulder
    Bare to my breath
    Like hot rocks
    In the heat of the day
    Steady, pyretic
    Curved lips
    Barely refraining
    The taste of the season
    Already foretelling

    Tread carefully dear
    Cherries bleed
    In the garden
    Neath their own tree here
    Burst with the weight of
    Their own heavy passion

    Extreme summer heat
    Returns every year
    Unchains and unburdens
    The sun of the soft pulp
    Their wounds go gashing
    Their juices go spilling
    My eyes are now flashing

    I look at the drops
    Burning with pleasure
    Melting the rocks
    Stopping all clocks
    Holding out just for good measure
    My mind is busy doing
    What my body still dares not

    But soon I'll spill
    My own sweat in the shadow
    Mix it with that on the ground
    Of bordeaux cherries and innocent flowers
    Sacrificed at the alter
    Of the Summer's peak hour

    Then my eyes will soar up
    Through the leaves to the clouds
    Swim with gaze
    In the green all round
    Shimmering shadows
    Wet skin and warm dust
    The more I think about it
    The more I grow my own thirst

    Seeds will fall on the fertile ground
    Sweat will mix with cherry blood
    The rain will baptize me
    And the sound of the storm will hide me
    From indiscreet eyes

    A tree just like this one
    Will one day remind me
    Of this Summer day
    Of black cherries, Rains and thunder



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    A new leaf each day
    The sapling slowly
    Makes its way
    Into the heart of the Lily
    Who learns to water it daily

    As the mighty wind blows through them
    They dance briskly attuning to its rhythm
    The green grasses and silvery blue sky
    Prepare diligently for the onset of July