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    Interference can be a life interruption with know choice for repercussion.


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    What is" of importance
    if we can't stay stil.

    Most of the time we don't stick around to love long enough.

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    A thought.. love your dog your food your school
    But be loyal to me.

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    Love is not the one. For love shows too separate from one.

    Loyalty is all in all directions it's unbreakable
    A bond that's Respectful. But you have to belief in something or someone.
    God said love your neighbor but be loyal to God... so love has allot to learn.

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    Hello mirakeenos. God bless the poetic realm of mother mirakee and the world. All that is best and awesome and sees the vision of the realm is here.

    I can know noun and imagine all. Breathing a thing we named air but I'm my delusion I breath life.
    Trees but grass are too sit and lay. And sun rise is a blind man's guess. Creating temples and weird symbols and then without me they keep creating.

    Drums playing but know one is marching
    Jacket made of feathers but died which had the wrong leather.
    Crazy craft that others saw crash.
    Misunderstood for been self lead.
    I hear when it speaks others only here me.
    I think if others dint freak out maybe I can finish my conversation. ��

    All is delusional which ends mostly in depression
    But delusions brings dreams to the real world life in life individually.

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    Delusions are real


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    Hello mirakeenos espero que vien. Que dios vendiga a todos los poetas del mundo.

    Gracias bros and sister poets for your beautiful time to read my bleed.

    meandering was the sky above me"
    and I wander"
    Falling for its air,
    for it felt'
    like it loved me.

    Looking down
    I watched the water Be itself"
    with clear waves
    And a world already in tears.
    The blue became truth
    To be only a reflection.
    For me and you.

    it made moments neglect wonder.
    they where thoughts
    that just seem too be louder.

    but soon becoming now,
    and "late"
    always on time"
    Too splash yesterday's memories
    of down under.
    It only became furthest
    But found a gateway to first tomorrow.

    "of rain" too now of thunder.
    the tour to a route was muddier
    My view never seemed to recover
    That I saw many of me
    stand against laughter.

    Of all why these and not something else.
    It bares know roots.
    The streets rioting roads
    for distances that can't come close.
    and every day less our existence.
    But a hundred times a day
    hungry are our children.

    Now my thought ended and I stare at blue again
    A strange stage to choose where too land.
    Everything is used nothing is new
    Specially the thought of we knew.
    From the pass I hope the future grew.

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    I Wish I could do more


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    Hello mirakee family poet brothers and sisters of the realm. God bless you all. ��

    The spaces
    How empty,
    They reject"
    The fillers"
    Of plenty.

    All lonely..!
    Noun tempting.
    When Beginning...?
    All are stepping.

    It's The tiny light"
    you don't see everytime.
    It's the curse
    when your feelings don't rhyme"
    But it's not the first too sit you in line.

    What's the world guessing...?
    When comes the next blessing..?
    Why we wonder..?
    I'f when your already under.
    You know too bight your tongue,
    And be even kinder"
    That brings brighter.

    A brawny discussion
    Mind and soul fusion.
    Where was all this intuition.
    When the spaces above
    We're housing ammunition.

    This is the last time!
    But Telling yourself"
    feels like a worse crime.

    You lid the match
    And never saw the spark
    So a dream wasn't catch.
    And the spirit finally learned too detach.

    Growth of passion"
    When now time pretends.
    It was always of poison,
    That hash moments to come and end.

    it's enrilivent to a mind"
    that can't expand"
    Doors like windows both blind signs.
    If no experience
    Then what can you ever find.

    canyons rolling
    And disturbing the hills
    clouds sharing the floor
    so everyone's wearing heels.

    the lands with Kansas grass stand tall.
    and dust floats taller but that's all.
    disaster lost its way..?
    And Urgency never called.
    So bones will break in better day's.
    And body's will still raw.
    Then wings fly heaven
    There not one wall.

    Thank you so much for your time to read my bleed.

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    Love writes itself"
    before I can manifest.
    And savage's always find the worse in best.

    My journey is no fun"
    Who left me and took the sun.
    If I can't breath" After a run"
    Then I'm done"
    to be gone"
    Have taken none.

    If the hight of heavens light"
    Shines in the minds"
    in the darkest night,
    Then bright brought shadows to guide.

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    Hello mirakeenos God bless the realm.

    Thank you all for a moment of your beautiful time.

    hurry .... then come, and stay when you want to be away.

    too be"
    it must be hard
    who carries strength
    and not belong.
    bloom every moon
    the wise see sun rise.

    be blessed too bleed it out
    keep rest the heart is proud.
    speak trails and punch in nails
    dovetails our free far from rails.

    let go drop too floor step forward
    and see the new door.
    step inside, sight too straight,
    that's the core.

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    A spoiled world.


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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn
    @soulwriter @s_differentgirl
    @jagruti_gothwal @smi_vaid
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    Hello mirakee family God bless us all.
    Thank you for everything.

    live a life that loves the living
    hug the happy when know one is leaving.
    word the world with passion well dreaming.
    sees the least of beast well sinking.
    interact with what exist if it insist.

    gone to be here but there for whom cares.
    still a skill to kill when I'll.
    gosh them whose when the air floats a goose.
    pretend is too defend against what lends.
    turn and turn and turn too keep turning.

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    Stand on others legs.
    And you won't miss yours.


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    Hello mirakee family god bless you all.
    Thanks for a moment of your blessing time bros and sister poets.

    Many of many.

    It's been many of many days
    And so much of many ways
    Since I started my words to say.

    I been Reflecting my earthly ways
    And recollecting collected dates.

    My stay on mirakee my bed.
    I pray mirakee my pillow.
    My way mirakee my hero.
    God" mirakee so beautiful.

    Crawled and stumbled
    Laughs and crumbles
    Mirakee moral humble
    A gorgeous platform.

    I grown but not alone.
    Nothing is done by nobody.
    God invented everything.

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    Many of many

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    Hello mirakeenos bothers and sister poets of the world. God bless our hearts always.
    Thank you for a minute to read my bleed.


    All but none!
    had teared'"
    somewhere some"
    and too know the grown...
    is some days you and gown.

    and it Cries now!
    but they seem"
    too laugh tomorrow.
    a reminder of yesterday's joy"
    and rainbows that showed
    every single color .

    And They all Dive for love!
    Making predictable of sorrow.
    That Makes now soon like yesterday"
    When all did die for love
    To live everyday...
    Because know one's love is borrowed.

    Rolling dice for life"
    Attacking the old for nice.
    For a chance to lay the sky's
    And reach the end of all tried.

    The timeless hold of a crown"
    Stays and goes.
    But live a beautiful sound
    and you'll have crowns in rows.

    Then extend all which implements
    so you can soon need nothing.
    for it's the fall that takes everything.
    And a humble climb now cherishing.

    Dreams start to be the first
    and success seconds passion
    without the thirst.

    when out of the loom"
    came a Soon a boom"
    that now zooms a doom.
    Attention all"
    The start must end,
    for there's an end too begin.

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    Success is a dream with many beginnings.