• golyaaa 49w

    It's not me speaking~ it's what Anxiety made me do. That's what made me now.
    Insomniac Nights, Lost Chats and everything they say are Symptoms.
    I freakin' talk to everyone everyday and still walk all day and yet whenever I get a moment alone I start breaking up in pieces.
    What the fuck is actually wrong with me?
    Is it me?
    Whoever says that 'Your Messed Up, Get Back up and Pick Yourself Up' and every other motivating Bullshit.
    It helps when someone who has gone through it actually says.
    You won't know what it is to feel everything the extra bit,
    Worrying everything the extra bit,
    Overthinking everything the extra bit.
    It isn't easy everyday. Fuck thinking about the day, we don't know what may strike me next moment and fuck me up for the bad cause.
    The single thing would make me freaking Cry and breakdown for the next few hours and later it becomes a part of you.
    A dark side.
    The dark side which you don't reveal to the ones you know. Why?
    Because these things may fuck them up and cause us to feel even more bad for them.
    Doing every single thing with a smile and breaking the fuck down every single second and seeing people smile for everything makes you have an Identity Crisis.

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    But you know what,
    Fuck You!
    Anxiety is a Problem but not Joke,
    To just "Take Care, Do whatever You want, You can't do stuff, Ignore it" and
    Move the fuck on.