• ilmtdoucette 24w

    Writing saved my life

    Writing saved my life and I forgot. I forgot how to write like it meant something, I forgot that it did mean something to me. Once upon a time. I forgot that writing saved my life. It use to be such an important part of who I was. Now like everything in my life I can't find a way to be bothered. I forgot what writing use to do to me, how writing set my soul on fire. How I use to lay in the darkness and dream up worlds and universe and they made sense to me in a world that never made sense to me.
    Writing saved my life because when I was empty and alone. When I was hiding from everything including myself. When I had nothing left. I had my writing, and that ment something.
    Writing saved my life. In a world gone wrong. In a time undone.
    I am a writer creating the way to save myself and be the hero of my own story.
    Writing saved my life, I need that again, and I need it to be okay, I need to forget the world outside and escape into me.
    Writing saved my life. Now I need to find my writing again. Because I'm nothing without the words that light my soul on fire.