• _saanjh_ 45w

    I tried to explain,
    but maybe I wasn't clear.
    I tried to speak loud,
    but maybe I wasn't audible enough.
    I tried to show all of it,
    but maybe I wasn't so efficient to be understood.
    I tried to jot it down too,
    but maybe my language was not so understandable.
    Then I cried,
    but maybe my tears felt too fake to care about.
    And then......
    I decided to be quiet,
    Maybe that would be a sign, but that too didn't help.
    What could be done next?
    It's not their fault but, maybe I'm not sufficient enough, not efficient to ask what I need;
    I tried doing a few things, now I don't know what to do more.
    Let it be now......
    I wasted all of my chances,
    time won't wait for me now, it doesn't stay for anyone, why would I be spared then?
    It's time to apologise I guess, for all of my misdeeds, for all of my wrong needs.
    But moreover, I should apologise for my insufficiencies, for being so immature, for being so inefficient towards explaining my fouls!

    And now, at last........
    I guess I should leave........

    "Sorry mom, dad......I QUIT!"

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    Sucidal Diaries

    "Some questions, some feelings, some bruises......
    All left unhealed!

    Only if they could understand........on time......"

    Aren't they responsible?
    Is he the only one to be blamed?