• crimsoncomet 6w

    Me, a blossom, afresh
    so, you crushed, my flesh

    Thumped on my roots
    with your leather boots

    To the sap, I ached
    for a while, sunbaked

    It rained and I drank
    quenched but sank

    To bits I was reduced
    Within the earth, infused

    Now I be the mud particles
    bearing life in my corpuscles

    From the mud I had risen
    To the mud I was driven

    Thanks to the boot you laid
    my tender corpse was decayed

    My life's purpose pursued
    I martyred, paid my tribute!

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    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #martyred #pod #womenoftheworld

    A dedication to all the women out there! Every woman is a super woman! We endure and radiate warmth and love inspite of being abused, molested and raped everyday all over the world!
    We are "Martyrs" whether alive or dead as in our lives we die more than we live!
    Hoping that in the coming years our condition in the world gets better!

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