• wierdphilosopher 52w

    Are you afraid Mumma?

    No, seriously I’m not.. Why should I?

    Should I?

    Did I do anything wrong?



    But still you know how they say and all.


    You won’t understand.. Leave

    Seriously i can’t.. I mean just look at you why do you think about them so much.. if you think that what’ll they think then what’ll they think..

    You’re right. But!!


    I don’t know I’m just afraid..

    No you’re not. you’re just worried. It’s perfectlyalright.

    But don’t you think they won’t like it?

    Doesn’t matter. But What you think does.. tell me do you like it?

    I love it

    Then just go.

    Finally the seventeen year old convinced her mother (forty two) to wear the jeans..