• nipunya_panda 45w

    We Are Not Enough!

    We do not care enough,
    to let our breaths become
    the breeze that soothes
    cuts made on vulnerable smiles,
    to flick a fire-spark on a candle
    that does not soften its skin
    to evolve into melted wax anymore,
    just the way we shy away from
    shedding melted agony as tears;
    it's odd how lamps still burn
    the darkest in their calm.

    We do not laugh enough
    to let the giggles shoot up
    into the cheerless eyeballs
    and morph them into
    fluorescent gazes,
    like firecrackers in a
    starless night sky.

    We do not talk enough
    to let syllables build
    rescue bridges for hope
    to cross the ocean of
    vague assurances.

    We could be soft dews
    on supple spring grasses
    for wounded foot to find
    respite from desert walks,
    but we are just not enough,
    not enough!