• soulpriyam 15w

    Let the Past be Past

    Forgetting and forgiving means
    letting go the pain and hurt
    of the past experience.
    We keep thinking about the people
    who were unfavourable to us.
    However, we need to let go these
    invisible wounds which hold us back.
    We need to understand that whatever happened does not exist now.
    Everything, be it people, events or conditions, undergo change with the passage of time.
    We need to move forward by letting go the baggage and negative memories of the past. As we let go, we become much more free to think clearly and positively in the present. This helps to heal ourselves; to heal the self emotionally and mentally.
    But most of the times we hold on to things, and keep thinking of what should have been rather than accepting what has happened. This only creates the pain within us and also prolongs the healing process.

    One has to realize that past is past,
    the past is dead and it is best to only take lessons from it in order to build a better future. Things do not always happen as expected. It is best to let go of our expectations and accept things as they are.