• gavinmoore828 5w

    Fading snow

    Walking alone through the rain
    numbing out the voice
    The air I breathe goes cold
    moments feel longer than days
    these hours
    will they ever fade?

    The day gets colder until
    snow starts to fall

    My dreams have become haunted
    by the ghosts that aren’t dead
    Still transparent, they sit
    They suffocate me in my sleep
    The snow that’s fallen turns deeply red
    before I wake I hear the voices fade

    I wish not to sleep forever
    But to be awoken from my nightmares
    No blood shall be shed from me
    never will it come to that, but still
    I feel this has gone on far too long

    How shall I fight my monsters when I alone feel less than human
    Never felt so impossible
    Through time will make it possible
    The snow will still fall
    The voice will still fade