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    Talk sometime ❤

    PS : Talk to your people, people ?

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    Out of shell

    The words, they are the feels
    With every text they lead a smile
    But how worthy are they?
    Did you feel the emotion behind them?
    Did you sneeze and somebody said "God bless"
    Or did you feel that care When they asked "What happened?"
    No, my friend. Not yet
    Just come out of that comfort zone
    And call some rather texts
    Ask them, tell them stuffs
    They longed to hear them
    Laugh and fake a silent smile maybe
    I'm sure that would reach to them and they'd smile back while you'd feel it
    The voice would resonate into your mind
    It would fix that real smile
    And till another call,
    You'd just recall it and rewind
    That feeling is bliss,
    I hope you backspace and TALK for awhile.