• heartsayss 23w

    Dear India

    We all are proud citizens of you.. We know everything about your beautiful culture , your history, your heritage.. You have the power to unite every citizen of yours under a single bond, you tie us all up as INDIANS.. Everyone said you are a beautiful country People said they visited other countries as tourist ,but they visited you as pilgrims.. But do they know What actually is happening with you? Your daughters are scared to step out of their houses.. Little souls are been tortued to death every day
    Your are becoming an unsafe place dear INDIA.
    Why are we not being protected. ?
    Why are some monsters playing with our lives..?
    Why are we strangled to death each day..?
    Why is no one doing anything about it..?
    Why does someone demand justice every other day..?
    Why do your citizens step out of their house only for candle march.. ?
    How many more daughter will it take.. ?
    How many more innocent lives will it take...?
    How long will it take for you to change my dear INDIA..?
    When will your daughters be free to walk alone on the roads at night..?
    When will this change..?
    When will you change dear INDIA..?
    ~ From one of your daughters
    ~rana askari.. ‚̧