• fizawords 13w


    I have tried to write the 'Mother',
    but the ink freezed by her warmth,
    It has complained I can't dare,
    So, I asked my heart to honor,
    It is beating fast with every emotions,
    that I want to speak for my mother,
    From the day, of my seedling,
    She sparge me with her blood,
    The fragrant of her smile, for my first tear,
    is still scenting me and will remain till my last breath,
    And why doesn't it? I am a part of my mother,
    Before the first step, I had walked
    she fledge me in her blazon,
    With the every step that I walked,
    she flied embiggen her wings, so that
    if I fall, there will be a fustian to prevent wounding,
    For my every nostalgic yearn, she sang poesy berceuse for me,
    I don't remember how many times she skip her food,
    for gracing feed to me,
    for every thank that I greet is terse indeed!
    What I depict a 'mother's' terrain, God has placed paradise under her feet,
    He gifted us the gospels of mother Mary, what more corroboration we need,
    Tears of Hajar had swamped the arid, how miraculous mother she is!
    May God bless our Mothers, and protect us under her feet...