• _unseenemotions_ 5w


    The evening on the last day of school
    I remember, came to me this cute fool
    He walked towards me with a darling smile
    And dared to make his first trial
    "Can I get your number miss?",
    The one line I daily reminisce
    For a moment I was muddled
    Until my friend from behind chuckled
    I couldn't say no, there was something in him
    It's just in his heart, that I can forever swim
    Since that day he is all mine
    With impish smile bringing chills to my spine
    From silly teens to mature adults
    We grew up together crossing all the hurdles
    I can never think of loving him less
    Even when he is a bundle of mess
    Cause when I am a tear he is the pause
    And if I'm a smile he is the cause.