• chasmisvsr 50w

    A rose for ever after...2

    The boy you once were
    unaware of this cruel world
    living a life you couldn't write
    always lost in your thoughts
    dreaming a dream of waking up to a different sky...
    things change but people don't
    the boy you once were
    where did he go?

    Baby I'll give you a rose for ever after
    I'll hold you in my heart
    remembering the sound of your laughter...
    I'll keep you in my mind, in my thoughts
    forever entwined...
    the pieces of your broken heart
    I'll tie them at night to mine...

    What happened to us
    Why are we still holding on?
    even though you're gone
    you're still here
    like a mirage of memories
    coursing through me...