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    Horror and fiction

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    An Old Man's Spirit

    This story is not a real one. Many years ago, there was a family in USA who spend their life happily but suddenly something strange happened which turns their happiness into fear. The story starts with an eleven years old girl.

    I think this happened in USA, there was a family of 6 members, Marie, Johny, Margaret, Nick and Mr and Mrs William. The family travelled to USA just because of the wish of their children. Marie, an eleven years old girl, always stay quite and she was probably the most sensible daughter of Mr and Mrs William as she was the eldest of four children. She used to spend her time in an empty backyard ground. Mr and Mrs William love this child the most as she understand their feelings and spend her life as they wanted. Johny, a nine years boy, and Margaret, a twelve years old girl both thaught their parents are doing favouritism but they don't even know why Mr and Mrs William love Marie. Nick, a four years boy, always stay with Marie but was afraid of going in backyard ground because he use to hear weird sound from the backyard whenever Marie go their.

    One day, Marie went their where she saw someone singing the song. Marie went to him but he disappeared. At night, when Marie went to sleep, she again hear someone singing. Suddenly she noticed that her room door was slowly closing. She understood what the matter was and started to shout to call everyone. At that moment, she noticed a shadow running out to the backyard ground. She told her parents about that but her parents thought that she saw a bad dream and did not trust her. Nick also told his parents that he hear weird sounds from the backyard ground whenever Marie went their. Johny and Margaret thought that she is using a new plan to engage rest of the love of her parents towards her. They both started laughing at her but suddenly the door shut heavily and their beds started shacking. Nick started to cry.

    Their parents decided to call a priest at once. They calles Clary and Joeph. They stayed their and observe all what was happening and then told to Mr and Mrs William that their is an old man spirit in their house and he is buried inside the backyard ground. The spirit has fallen in love with Marie and now he wants her life. While their conversation was going on, they hear that their children are shouting. They ran their and saw blood was flowing from the roof. The priest told Mr and Mrs William to change their house in order just to get escaped from the spirit.

    Marie fell seriously ill and was about to die at anytime. Priest told Mr William that it is better for her to die rather that to suffer in this world. But after two to three days, Marie health recover and this tells that the illness was just because of the spirit. When Marie was bought to home, she was afraid. One night, Mrs William thought that she should go to Marie's room to check whether it is true or not. When she opened the door, she saw an old man was carrying Marie in her hands and was about to throw her out of the window. Mrs William started shouting. When priest came and saw this, Clary and Joseph started reciting something. The recitation causes the spirit to go and Marie felt ill. In about five minutes when Marie recovery, she told that she saw a dream in which she saw her own self dying. Suddenly she observed that someone made her faint and when she woke up, she saw her family and priest around. Priest went to the backyard ground and search for a grave. They found a grave and decided to burn it. But when Joseph light the match stick, he observe that there are many invisible spirits moving around. He sat the grave on fire and in a minute, he started hearing a lot of voices saying "Please don't burn us this won't let us go!". The spirit of an old man was finished and the family started living happily again and this all was the end.