• clifton 23w


    Shaman incantations,
    Flicker with my waking eyes.
    Enchanted by this island feeling,
    Beating deep beneath her warm disguise.
    I am taken to her clearings,
    The blaze of fire, against the dark.
    Entranced, I see the spirits of her,
    Winding visions through my heart.
    Voices of a higher language,
    Ones that halt all time and space,
    Offer up their greatest secrets,
    Bleeding through this island race.
    In breathless night, I do surrender,
    My every thought into her grasp,
    She leads me to a sudden rebirth,
    A wanderer on the truest path.
    Voodoo apparitions,
    Dance before my sleepless eyes,
    Possessed by those I worshipped,
    Long ago, beneath these skies.
    A child was I, until that moment,
    The blindfold fell, so I could see,
    No difference can take us from her,
    This island we call unity.