• dreamer_with_an_ink 3w

    -you are beautiful....

    -*shocked but then smiles* I am glad that a person who finds beauty in the complexities of words and colours found me beautiful too.

    -*slightly frowning* No I didnt find you beau....

    -*senses it was all a nasty prank from a popular person for the mere sake o...*

    -I don't find you beautiful.... you reflect beauty.
    And that is everything about you..... your smile.. your carefree spirit, the eternal child in you, the way you extend a helping hand to anyone, the way you describe a very unique version of meaning of my creation........ I like everything about you.... You are a masterpiece.... a living entity of the extent of pain the universe have gone to have you and the limits you have crossed to prove you are worth it to yourself.
    You reflect beauty..... I didn't find it.... its you. You are beauty.