• moonstruck 15w


    "When I needed someone,
    there was no one.

    I wanted to cry my heart out,
    But there was no one to listen my shout.

    I had to walk alone,
    With my heart bearing that melancholic tone.

    My inner demons were winning,
    And seeing them winning, everyone was grinning.

    I wasn't fond of loneliness,
    But then it seemed that I adorn solitariness .

    I wanted to flee from there,
    Then I realised its the same everywhere.

    I was slowly breaking down from inside,
    And there's no one by my side.

    Was still having a hope,
    Which was gradually burning like a rope.

    Then came an angel, offering me wings to fly,
    But I was dubious about how can a book help me to be there in the sky."

    He said,
    " I understand your pain,
    But these wings won't go in vain.

    They will give you a new sight,
    Which will make look even darkness as light."

    "It seemed to me as if he has hypnotised me,
    If I was having new vision to see.

    Now, I am no more alone,
    I'm having my books which are my soul's clone.

    Thank you dear angel !!!!! "