• a_way_to_infinity 46w

    It hurts, right??
    Yea...it fucking hurts....each time, every moment with every passing minute!!
    Healing your own wounds
    Or sometimes making them more deeper!
    Not expressing your inner self,
    Hiding what you really feel,
    Keeps on wandering with a happy face,
    Always trying to spread positivity,
    Even then get blamed with the words,"you're such a negative soul, sees only the negative part"
    What......funny, isn't it??
    Being blamed for the things you didn't even knew about;
    You give preference to other's problems, only to hide your's,
    You show like you're the happiest of all,
    The prettiest of all,
    The luckiest of all,
    Like a joker you keep a mask of happiness...
    But deep deep inside, you're the most broken,
    The shattered one,
    But never let others know about it,
    You keep this all inside so that the pain can only destroy you not others.....
    The word "broken" contains OK in it...so what you show to others!!
    But sometimes the pain becomes so much that you want someone to BE by your side,
    To whom you can share all your thoughts,
    Let that someone know about your worries...so that you get a caressing touch, a warn hug and those pretty words," Darling, don't be sad I'll always be by your side...just give all of your worries to me and free yourself, live your life to the fullest not the way you've been living it"
    Just someone who can understand you!!
    But guess what.....there will be no one
    Cause no one was ever there!!
    It was only you and your broken self.......