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    And the Second part for The Challenge- Actually a very Creative Challenge given by Our Bandhu- @writerstolli

    We loved writing for this, really��❤✒️✌
    Thanks for providing us with such wonderful challenges.
    Here is the full poem-❤❤❤❤❤

    I know her-She is full of integrity,
    Boldly she is moving ahead to embrace maturity.

    And multiple roles she can play easily at a time,
    She is well versed in all various genres of the life.

    And Yes, the He-gender is always there for her support,
    Men and Women both are equal sharing each other's load✌✒

    ️All the rays of Versatility refracted and she shined,
    She is a rare diamond-With all wits and Mind.

    Of all the world's beauty-She is the beautiful Custodian,
    Gracefully managing her edges-She is a brave Woman.

    She understands everyone-But herself is an indecipherable message,
    Woman she is-One moment silent, in the other "Savage"✌❤✒️


    @triptichadha - Miss Selfless Soul Do tell Us- How is this?! As we learnt that this concept of 12 lines poetry was given by you!! Plus as you are our Angelic volunteer- Your views matter.

    @bariya_hamid @chitraa_shankar @writersnetwork
    And All Lovely Mirakeens❤
    Do tell us How is this?!
    And Do participate and Follow The Lovely and adorable Tolli - 'WRITERSTOLLI'
    Thanks a lot.

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