• poojaparekh 50w

    Suicide Awareness

    Now a days i am hearing a lot regarding 'SUICIDE'.. The word Suicide is really big and Scary too. I am hearing that Day by day so many people are commiting Suicide.. My Question is WHY???
    I am here to tell everyone that Suicide is not at all a Solution guys.. Please don't be so selfish that you think just for yourself and not for your family. What will they do without you? How they are going to Feel? Everyone has ups and downs in life but that doesn't mean to End Life. Life is indeed very Precious guys.
    Depression is the main reason for Suicide. Now a days mostly many people goes through depression but all we have to do is to ask for Help. All we have to do is to Share. Never blame yourself as a Victim and not to feel Lonely. Be with your Family, Friends, Loved ones and Share as much as you can.. Share your Problems.. If needed then go to the Counceller, Psychologist but don't be Alone and don't feel Alone.
    We get only one Life to Live and Life gives us only One Chance to Prove ourselves. Every Problem has a Solution but Suicide is not a Solution. Be your own kind of hero and fight with your problems, eventually you will be the Winner. Commiting Suicide is Cowardly Act, Please don't do it. I request this to Everyone. Those who are in a depression, Guys please ask for help and be with your People and Share it out and Reach out to People.
    I am just spreading little awareness from my side, Hope people understands it and Accept the fact that "Life is meant to be Lived". Kindly share this post as much as you can and Create the Awareness.