• the_writress_ 15w

    I'm a bird that was once trapped in your heart
    That was my home, a beautiful place
    But suddenly one day you said me that you've set me free
    But I ask..Free!
    Free for what..To every night cry my tears
    To feel the pain of our separation every second of day,
    That perhaps doesn't affects you
    To get broken into so many pieces
    That it becomes difficult for me to fix my broken pieces
    Actually you sat free yourself...
    Not me!
    Free from my love that was perhaps a bound for you
    My care that irritated you..
    Darling! You can never set me free
    Coz now I have been permanently imprisoned by my love for you
    If you really wanna set me free
    Then just encage me again in the cage of your heart..Forever.....