• yuktimalhotra 49w

    I'm not like the girl next door, I'm not like that girl playing on the team or the cheerleader's captain. I don't have a type, I'm a mixture of everything extreme. I don't deal in mediocre abstract or mediocre concrete. I don't know what a halfway is, because when I start my journey I reach what my destination is. I mould myself every minute to achieve, I love too hard, I hate too bad. And copy that to all emotions. I don't take rests, because the rabbit took a rest and the turtle won the race. I learn each day, I evolve each day. I'm not who I was yesterday, I'm not who I will become tomorrow. I'm not perfect,honey. And neither do I intend to be. I'm me, and if that's something you can deal with, then only come way. I don't have time for a transient forever.