• arunavhazarika 53w


    A blurred vision was all I could see,
    Rows and rows of people beside me.
    I wandered at the how I came here;
    A curse of agony and an bit bit of fear.

    A large building was burning aside
    I stared at it with hazy eyes,
    The people holding signboards I saw
    Things about people breaking laws.

    There was this boy who came to me
    Held up my hand at ninety degree
    I never knew his hand was such warm Just a boy of ten who didn't mean any harm

    His eyes locked onto mine with souls
    Caring for each other with sharpened moulds
    Every blink a new story to be told
    Our weak hearts united to be bold

    Our enemies were raiding us from all sides
    Now we had nowhere else to hide
    It's strange that we choose to reside
    In the hearts of the people who were distinctly alive