• _unexpressed_feelings 6w

    Say if you're going to stay.

    I've seen people promising but not keeping it .
    Acting but not actually loving.
    Telling each other their forever but not even staying.
    Enjoying company but leaving in between.
    Showing dreams but not at all fulfilling.
    Telling they won't change but being the one who changes.
    Ever thought what happens to the other person who truly love u??
    They cry for months missing n hoping u 2 come back.
    But alas!
    Some people can't take these fake things
    And end up suiciding.
    But there are also the ones who keep missing for years nd also become more strong&wiser.
    Remember,heartbreak has a lot power..It has made people millionaire too.
    Love for them becomes a joke,
    Just because of what u did to him/her.