• infinite_entropy 5w

    A Forever Battle

    I've been fighting,
    All the way,
    Through all the ups and downs.
    I'm still fighting
    A battle with the nightmares
    A battle with the vultures of the past
    A battle with the burning daylights
    A battle with the truths
    A battle with myself
    A battle that must be fought for the future holds something hidden in space time
    A battle of faith in nothing but myself
    A battle that shall last forever in the infinity of subconscious
    All the swords raised, all the armours broken, all the blood drained, shall live to that infinity of my own subconscious
    My downfall will be the dawn of the moon unleashing the beauty of the darkness I live in.
    My rise will be the sunlight lighting the farthest corner of the world I once left
    The fight must be fought
    For the rise isn't far.