• think98 14w

    KEEP ON!

    Forget about your worries, your hardships, your fears
    Forget about the laughter, the friendships, the games
    Played again and again until they tire and move on
    But you remain alone to practice, honing skills, rigorous
    Training with no teacher, educated by your failures
    You'll soon reach the peak of what you can achieve
    On your own with no assistance from the masters

    You must find your way there, show them your mettle
    And form new camaraderie with those who defeat you
    You'll be tattered and thrashed, courage worn away
    You'll face constant backlash, for each mistake made
    You must sacrifice your pride, break down your own ego
    To stave off humiliation, save face and be humble
    Accept you're not the best, and that you may never be
    But you'll continue to improve until you can not physically
    Your mind is highly fortified, a loss means little to you
    An opportunity to gain the knowledge to succeed
    The only thing that holds you back is your mortality

    Surrender not an option, No, it's not beneficial
    Saving time, not as valuable as lessons ingrained
    From the feelings of anger, frustration and pain
    Overcoming those mental barriers to reach serenity
    The surface of the waters calm enough to feel the ripples
    Of any minor disturbance, heightened senses, clarity
    A mind that can foresee possibilities endless
    Sharpened by grueling passing of time, relentless
    But while others grow dull, you remain fine as a needle
    A quality forged by determination, stubbornly though
    Skills remain acute as an unused razor
    For where others gave up, you challenged the world
    Once you've perished, they'll see you as an inspiration
    While alive, they never believed you could make it this far