• soumyaa_ 23w

    @nickhil_ Decipher my silence.
    Words can't be enough. Ever. Never ever.

    @singhvik Vikram ... Tu na ... Best hai. Bhot acha. Sabse acha. Tere jaisa dost is a blessing. Thank you :)<3

    @seven_stars Tirth! Thank you for being there, for always reaching out to me. I know I undergo crazy mood swings, but you.... You always have my back <3. Thank you, SmartCookie ;)

    @strikhedonia You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for letting me vent out. Stay blessed :*

    @shabnoor_rahman Conversations with you sooth me. Your words heal. You are magic <3

    @hayat_1410 Come back honey :(
    Your constant messages made me love you even more.

    @sagarika_writes You're beautiful. Inside out. Love Love <3

    @_lost_words A little more black, a little less black.
    Hey hey :)

    @kirtipd I know what you are. We haven't ever had a long conversation, but I've heard songs praising the amazing person you are. Be there. Always. :*

    @the_moon_door .... Sorry maybe ? Yes. Sorry.

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    Thank you!

    When I left, I was about to complete a hundred posts. And right then I had decided to dedicate one to the amazing people I met here. If it weren't for you all, things wouldn't have been so beautiful.

    I know this is cheesy. Sorry :p