• imgerman76 25w

    No way, but yes.

    No way you know how I feel inside.
    No way you see how you fill me with pride.

    No way you hear what my heart tells you.
    No way that you happening to me is true.

    No way I'm that lucky to have you in my heart.
    No way that you're not going to tear me apart.

    No way for you to truly want me.
    No way for you to believe what I see.

    Those are the thoughts I used to allow.
    That has been my past and is not happening now.

    Those are what I told myself every time.
    It's what blocked our hearts from truly align.

    I don't hold back the feelings you wake.
    I don't hide my emotions - I put myself at stake.

    I give myself to you and hope you don't walk.
    That you'll hold my hands in this emotional park.

    I give you my everything - simply all of me.
    For you to take in all the passion you've set free.