• kmoore 6w

    For You

    If someone were to ask me one year ago from today about how my life was going at the time, they would probably think I was the most depressed person in the world. I was in a toxic relationship, going into college not sure what I wanted in life. But if someone asked me today, I'd tell them about how this random girl came into my life and changed everything for the better. You not only put a smile on my face daily but you give me a reason to live, a reason to get out of bed and just be happy about life. I never thought I would get this close to anyone, but I am. I never thought I would be able to find this kind of love with someone, but I did. And honestly if I were to ever meet one of you ex's I'd give them a hug because they gave me the best thing I never thought I wanted. Your heart. Your the only person outside of my family that I ever said "I love you" to. And to be honest those words don't explain how I feel, I don't think any amount of words will. You know I'm not good at opening up and just talking in person so I hope this little note does. I love you Ruby Veronica Haro  and I can't wait to see what the future has for us. Happy birthday baby.