• meghnadhuriya 53w

    So, everyone needs someone in their life to understand them completely and to be with them in bad times to accompany them. I didn't get someone that stayed with me but left.
    All the things that happened to me, did shatter me. Whenever I find someone good in my life, I start sharing my sorrows and pain with them that they might understand me and my condition but hopelessly they don't and they simply say," Chill, this happens with everyone". Surely, I'm like others but why can't I be happy like them? Why can't I find a joy in my pain? Why can't I find life good and interesting? Everyone and everything seems a shit to me. Whyy?
    Well, I'm a introvert who never had much of friends but those I had, already left and never came back.
    Life is so drastic, like I find someone too good with me and then it push them out of it or maybe they leave with their choices.
    The love i lost, the love i never got. Ironically, those movie-like love story i had actually turned into a story and he was just a character and well played. Played with my life and emotions.
    But, now life left me at my worst where neither I can trust someone nor let someone trust me!
    Hope everything will be better.
    Waiting :)
    Though, KARMA sucks :') I'll beat KARMA one day in it's game :)

    ~Meghna Dhuriya

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