• thesilversoul 47w

    This one's for Khyathi.. wish I could tell you that you come as a surprise n make everything alright, though you don't really know what's really on mind and what's going wrong. You are an angel.

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    Rays of hope

    There's this moment of complete hopelessness, when all you feel is you are drowning deep into the dark waters.
    The lights disappear, no rays of hope.
    You don't know how deep have you sunken. You do not know if anybody can listen to you. Also, you're too weak to cry for help.
    And too strong inside to make it look to the world that you're troubled, the world, which has already stranded you times and then.
    And now you've lost the trust in those folks. But there's magic, there are miracles that happen each day, believe it or not.
    There is someone or something that would pull you out of it, just stay a little longer, struggle. Reach for it, it's not just a hallucination or a dream, like it might seam. It's real.