• nazreen_fatima 46w

    Read the quote?
    So I believe that you got to be you
    Because you are one
    And one is a really powerful number
    Because it can make all the difference.
    In order to bring about a change
    At least one person has to step up
    And "You" could be the "One"
    "You" can be the Hope,
    "You" can inspire others,
    "You" can make a difference.
    The number "1"
    When placed before "0"
    Makes both "1" and "0"
    Completely different
    When I use "0" for people
    Other than you
    In no way do I wish to
    Undermine others
    But I only mean
    That when "You" take charge
    Others will follow
    And when that will happen
    You as well as the others
    Will flower
    And y'all will attract beauty
    And positivity
    And Even the bees
    That sting, when will
    Come in contact with you
    Will bless the world
    With the sweetness
    It deserves ❤

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    Be YOU
    "YOU" are "ONE"
    And that is a
    Powerful number
    That can can Make
    All the Difference
    In the lives of Many ❤