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    It's mee again ❤❤❤
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    I have a soft spot for artistic freedom of expression, what can I say. I also have a soft spot for us underdogs ������

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    Since I can't vote on reported posts for a couple weeks I decided to take another approach.
    In lieu of my downvotes I will repost those writeups that I feel were incorrectly reported.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again.
    Yes, there are a handful of posts that need to be deleted like, yesterday ⚠️
    but in my opinion there appear to be many more misunderstandings. ✌
    And then there are those people who obviously don't read what they're reporting but they get some sort of false sense of power or satisfaction. Tbh idk and it really doesn't matter what their purpose is anyway.
    - Kinky Eskimo