• alysia 49w

    Little Spaces, Long Distances

    So far away yet with so little space
    This line between us might always be drawn
    Our friends and family might laugh at us,
    But with you, there is no place that’s not home.

    I saw a light in you, and I still do
    Two hearts collide, yet two hearts are still separate
    Still, we will know when the time is right for us to meet is true.

    I remember when I first met you,
    Two shy spirits in the world of half-alives
    In a dark and dull place, it was your light that drew me into the queue.
    It was your personality that gave me life.

    I was broken and beaten inside of my heart,
    The demons and the dogs had crushed me completely
    It was you who had saved me with your beautiful mind and your beautiful passion
    You were brave enough to kill those dogs that snarled and barked in such a fashion

    I’ve listened to you cry, and listened to you laugh
    Those times you were hurt, and those times you wanted to give up
    I was with you through them all, as well as the good times.
    You’re everything to me; a friend, a person to trust… a lover,
    And it is foolish for anybody to think that they could do better.

    Though this poem is overdrawn and overused,
    I wanted to thank you, for you are that person that I trust.
    My one and only, I’ll tell you now that our hearts will fuse,
    Because getting closer to that light in this world of dark is a must.