• tst_charvi 9w

    Don't let them snatch your freedom like many of us did

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    'Conceal it, don't feel it' I was told
    My passion, for security was sold
    'Different is bad' they said
    With obscene lies I was fed
    To be different was considered a sin
    We ran the race not to finish, but to win
    I kept telling​ them "this is just not me"
    I am a lion, let me be free
    But they're masters of life, or so they thought
    Being 'Myself' I was always caught
    They decided to take away my 'pain'
    Shaved off the lion's mane
    I was no one, my identity was lost
    For being 'yourself', you have to pay the cost
    They want you to be like them all
    Love to see you in the same crate fall
    I say fuck these people, let them be
    You are a lion, you're supposed to be free