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    And it was my First time in Delhi. A city where i was a stranger and i was Alone. I was waiting for my sister to come back, i was waiting at the delhi airport as she was having an interview in delhi and i was in delhi for her. She went to give the interview and i was waiting for her with the boarding pass to go back.
    There were alot of things to do at the airport shopping and eating. What else i want? But then my phone battery was almost dead and I had to charge my phone. So the place where everyone was charging there phones i went there and there was a guy standing next to me was looking brave and charming.! While charging my phone i got a call which has to be attended and my charger was not getting unplugged from my phone. So i pulled the charger and my phone very strongly that the whole machine got unbalanced. Shit that was quit embarrassing, that moment i got a little pushed because of that and that guy holded me to save from falling down and everyone else was holding that machine, i looked into his eyes.. He laughed a little as that situation was quite funny and i felt shy and at the same time i wanted that guy to hold me for some more time and wanted the moment to be paused.

    #part1 #part2 will come soon #waitforit

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