• sriniarivalagan 37w

    Mystic, She.
    Poem for her,
    Freeverse poem.

    waiting for that moment, when my ear hears her first tone, wow. Even the thought of her voice made me smile for hours. Please dear, let me hear.

    So mystic, she is. A lovely mystery.

    #mirakee #love

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    Mystic, she

    Heart dance crazy, cheeks create bun,
    Exciting mystery, the lovely longing wait,
    The voice of my girl, drives me to moon.

    Will that be Icy chill, like a freezing breeze,
    Will that be lovely warm, like a candle flame;
    Will that be crystal clear, like a Murakami prose,
    Will that be mystic foot, like a Shelly poem;
    Will that be mellifluous, like an euphonic harp,
    Will that be electrifying, like a dazzling guitar.

    Are those the alluring flowers, larynx & pharynx,
    Would you spill the nectar of honey;
    Are those the wind chimes, uvula & toncils,
    Would you bell the tone of melody;
    Are those the recurve bows, tongue & palates,
    Would you shoot the arrow of love;

    First tinch of snow, first drop of rain,
    Longing for the honey, the melody, the voice,
    Show me the purpose of life dear, let me hear.