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    The Day I Lost My Kite My Mommy Flew To Heaven (Now I'm Flying Over My Pool Of Crying) Part 1

    WIP (Work In Progress)


    Narator (Yasashi): This is the tale of 7 year old Izibell who went off flying her kite in the backyard of her home in Kissimmee Florida, she lived with her widowed mother Ellis who cherished her with all her soul and would never dream to lay a hand on her. Izibell had special needs but Ellis wasn't sure yet what they were and it broke her heart she couldn't help her daughter. The crime rate in the neighborhooddy started to rise quickly and there was no end in site.

    Chapter 1: Please Mommy Wake Up!

    Izibell: Mommy I'm going to play with Mr. Kite he likes to talk to the wind I think their married.

    Ellis: Ok sweetie just make sure to put on your coat.

    Izibell: Ok but I hope I don't get bad luck.

    Ellis: why do you think you would get bad luck?

    Izibell: because my coat is blue and today Mr sun is outside and happy to share his warm hug with the world, I don't want to be rude.

    Narator (Yasashi): Izibell went out to fly her kite, just as Ellis stepped out to take out the trash. Ellis accidentally locked the door behind her, and was about to ask her nieghbor who has the extra key to let her in. Before Eliis could make it to her neighbor a gunshot had fired, Ellis heard the gunshot and ran to go hide but without enough time to get away Ellis was shot 3 times in the head. Izibell: heard the shots and looked at the sky.

    Izibell: I thought I saw mommy flying just now.

    Narator (Yasashi): The police, a social services worker, and a detective arrived.

    Officer Bolshet: it seems we have a homicide with no witnesses to the scene of the crime.

    Dectective Mulsin: No shit or should I say no shet.

    Officer Bolshet: I'm getting sick of the jokes Mulsin.

    Dectective Mulsin: sorry I'll stop the Bolshet.

    Necoal: Could the both of you carry yourselves with professionalism this is a murder scene with a child involved.

    Dectective Mulsin: What I was just trying to lighten things up you shouldn't get your bra in a twist, you'll get wrinkles.

    Officer Bolshet: I apologise for this

    Necoal: At least one of you does, just do not let this squabble become a habbit.

    Narator (Yasashi) Necoal had checked in with the neighbor who informed her that Izibell and Ellis had no living relatives, he said Ellis's mother had long passed and Ellis was an only child like her parents, and that her father walked out on her as an infant then died in a car accident, the neighbor also mentioned Izibell's special needs. Izibell was escorted to Necoal's black SUV, they eventually arrived to Sacred Point Children's Group Home, A foster Care program and Adoption Agency.

    Izibell: Is this place my new home cause mommy went flying in the sky?

    Narator (Yasashi): Necoal's had never dealt with a special needs child in her 5 years of being a social worker, she was usually assigned any other case by request, but do to a shortage of workers on the field she was obligated. Necoal didn't have confidence in her ability to handle the situation but she did her best to keep composure and not shed a tear. Izibell was quiet ever since the shooting and was majoritly motionless this was a good sign that she warmed up to Necoal.

    Izibell: Your sad inside and you don't think your good to help me but you have pretty bubbles inside, so it's ok if a few fall from your face.

    Narator (Yasashi): At this for the first time Necoal decided professionalism was inappropriate for the situation, and would try a warmer and maternal approach.

    Necoal: Why thank you Izibell you have so many bubbles too to be so brave I could never be as brave as you, or know how you feel, but I will do everything I can to protect you and make sure your bubbles stay safe.

    Izibell: I know you don't think your brave but to talk to my different you are incredible in your brave. Oh and a man with a red shirt is coming with cheese cake, and hamster cheecks after we finish.