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    Hi guys. Even girl goes through a phase in her life That Kills her in an in and in. But don't let anyone dominate your stalk you. This is a sincere request from me to every girl who goes to the phase. Not to be scared and fight with all the courage that you have because it will not only save you but in lots of million girl. Please read

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    I Will Rule You

    What if I wear a backless top
    And yes I wear a crop showing my smooth belly
    So what??
    Do you think I'll let you follow me
    Or stare and stalk even at the bus stop
    And falling on me innocently
    Saying sorry
    Well even I have the right to wear my choice
    And that pretty short skirt
    I have the right
    And yes I have moved on
    Shedding the last tear
    I have won
    Suffering every dominance of yours
    I will rule you
    Every time I wear new dresses
    And even for those who are going through my past phase
    I will stab your eyes ;and hands or whole you
    And never let you be what you were
    I will rule you.